Can I still grow if I live in a dry climate?

August 07, 2020

If you are in a drier climate, (or have the heat on in your house), please take a peek under your Seed Quilt every so often. It's normal for the water level to have dropped below the level of the Seed Quilt since your greens have been drinking it up, however, if your Seed Quilt looks almost dry please give your greens a little extra TLC.

Add just enough water to bring the level up to just above the tray's ribs to make sure your greens don't wilt prematurely. Remember not to over-water - that's just as bad as running out of water. Luckily with Hamama Seed Quilts, the water that is wicked up to the seeds is always just the right amount. Check out our watering tips here.

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