How do I make sure I’m not over-watering?

August 07, 2020

When planting, you want to be sure to fill the tray to the “fill line”, (no higher) with water first, then put in your seed quilt. The fill line on the ceramic grow tray is indicated with an indentation. The fill line on the plastic grow tray is indicated with the words “fill line.” Press down on the Seed Quilt just enough to see all sections of the seed quilt turn a shade darker, (10-30 seconds depending on water temperature). Be sure the Seed Quilt is properly placed on the tray's bottom ribs to ensure that neither end of the quilt is hanging in the water and to allow proper drainage.

If you are in a humid climate, it is helpful to have a ceiling or oscillating fan on in the room to allow air circulation.

If you add water to your grow tray during the growing period, be sure to keep the level around the tray's bottom ribs and no higher. After the initial soak, never refill back to the fill line as the seeds and roots need that air gap for oxygen to thrive.

If the top layer of paper is not peeling off at all, it is either due to the Seed Quilt being too wet - (over-soaked initially or over-watered after), or too dry - (not soaked sufficiently and sprouting not triggered because of lack of water).

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