What tips do you have about preventing mold?

August 07, 2020

We test all our microgreen seeds for the common strains like e Coli and salmonella and of course, they must pass in order to be packaged into our Seed Quilts. Our growing process is also specifically designed to fight this problem. The seeds are never soaking in water, unlike sprouts, but rather the Seed Quilt wicks up water from below as needed. The coconut fiber mat layer of the Seed Quilt is great for airflow around the roots which is the best way to combat the growth of the "bad stuff"!

We suggest keeping your grow tray several feet away from fruit baskets or other house plants since common molds, specifically white molds, are often found growing on the soil of houseplants. Airborne spores can attach to young plant leaves where they are able to germinate and grow, quickly spreading to other parts of the plant and nearby plants (the mold can hop around).