Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

March 01, 2021

Sweet bell peppers are the perfect vessels for this cheesy and delicious filling.

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Baked Whole Red Snapper & Veggies

Baked Whole Red Snapper & Veggies

December 30, 2020

Take a swim and enjoy the refreshing flavors of this Whole Red Snapper and Veggies! 🐟🌱

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Wally Graeber_Radish Pinto Bowl_HamamaRecipes_02.06.20

Radish Pinto Bowl

February 07, 2020

Pinto beans for breakfast. Pinto beans for lunch. Pinto beans for dinner. Just do not forget the Spicy Daikon Radish micros!

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Amy Davisson‎‎_ Micro Fenugreek Minestrone Soup_HamamaRecipes_1.25.20

Minestrone Soup

January 24, 2020

A bold & beautiful soup for all to find something they enjoy!

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Kirsten Smith_Clover Tomato Soup_ HamamaRecipes_1.7.20

Tomato Clover Soup

January 07, 2020

Stay warm with this hearty winter tomato soup!

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Saraatje Naef_Surf and Turf Burgers_HamamaRecipes_9.11.19

Surf and Turf Burgers

November 28, 2019

With prime beef sirloin and jumbo shrimp, this surf and turf burger is the incontestable symbol of a luxurious and grandiose meal!

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Judy Pulver Segina_Micro Kale & Cabbage Soup_HamamaRecipes_9.11.19

Micro Kale & Cabbage Soup

November 27, 2019

What is growing in your garden? Whatever is growing, it has a place in this soup!

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Emily Dykstra Martin_Super Salad Carnitas Burrito Bowl_HamamaRecipes_11.14.19

Super Salad Carnitas Burrito Bowl

November 14, 2019

Pork carnitas with your HAMAMA microgreens are worthy of a family dinner bowl creation!

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