Garlic Greens Lid


Garlic Greens Lid

Start growing garlic greens! Just add water and re-grow garlic greens for 1 month! Works in low light. All organic, Washington-grown, loose garlic cloves included.


  • reusable garlic greens lid - compatible with your black Hamama grow tray
  • easy growing instructions
  • enough organic loose garlic cloves for 1 month of re-growing!

Garlic greens are delicious (use like you would regular garlic cloves) and good for you!

  • Garlic has been used as a medicine for thousands of years.
  • Garlic can help with blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and immunity.
  • Garlic is a rich source of protective antioxidants, and sprouted garlic has even more antioxidants than unsprouted garlic.

Auto-delivery details:
Garlic refill ships & renews on the 30th of every month at $19

Skip or cancel anytime by logging into your account. We'll always send an email to remind you!

State Exclusions:
Some States do not allow garlic shipments. Customers in Idaho and in Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat counties in Washington will not be able to purchase garlic products from Hamama.


Due to a shorter shelf life we cannot accept returns or provide refunds of Garlic Greens.

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Best gifts ever

My boss gave as a Christmas gift, it’s amazing . Love it and I wish everyone knows your product. They easy to grow, delicious to tasty. And they last longer . I was leaving and a basement impossible to grow , but even with a little light they do grow. I move in to a second floor apartment and still good.


Hi Monica! So great to hear from you - Thanks so much for your kind feedback. We are so happy that you are enjoying your Hamama greens! We appreciate you! :) Happy Growing!!

DariAnne S.

Best gift ever!

My doula gifted me the Hamama Greens kit after giving birth, and it has been the best gift ever! I love growing the micro greens right in our kitchen. It is super easy and convenient. I even signed up for the auto program to receive three seed quilts per month. My favorites so far are the refreshing cabbage, wheatgrass, and energizing kale. Honestly, it's so simple. I had difficulty with my first one and reached out to the support team. Brittany G. was amazing with her assistance and it was clear that she wanted me to succeed with my growing. I put my micro greens on everything and I love knowing that I am getting extra nutrition!


Hello DariAnne! Thanks so much for your kind feedback. It makes us so happy to know that you are enjoying your Hamama greens We are so grateful to have you a part of the Hamama family. If you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out to us at! Happy Growing! :)

Rene' D.

High Altitude Issue but found fixes!

I live at 6700ft above sea level. I ruined two quilts before I figured out my problem. 1. Only the bottom of the quilt needs to be kept wet. The top waxed paper stays dry. 2. It was too cool to germinate. I fixed this with a plant heating pad. Inexpensive and found on It kept the seeds warm enough to germinate properly in a cold window. I do use grow lights but I probably don't need them on sunny days. When I fixed these two problems, my microgreens grow like crazy. Love the Daikon Radish greens! Rocky Mountain success and I am really bad at growing things.


Hello Rene! Thank you so much for your feedback! I am so happy that you found a way to grow your greens in a higher altitude. We love hearing from our growers who grow in different environments. :) If you ever need any support or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at! We are always here to support you! Happy Growing! :)



This was my first time growing microgreens and I WAS NOT disappointed! Hamama makes it so easy to do and they're fresh and delicious! My husband and I are so excited about each grow that we race to the kitchen to see what our "babies" are doing! So glad I took a chance on Hamama with this path of my healthy living journey and so glad I chose auto renew!


Hi Felicia! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We absolutely love that you and your husband are enjoying your Hamama greens We love that you are a member of our Hamama community, and are always here for you if you need anything! Happy Growing!! :)

Marie L.

Wonderful Microgreens!

I have been using HAMAMA microgreen kits for over two years. They are easy to sprout and delicious. In addition, they're all GMO free and many are organic. I started with one kit, then went to three and currently have eight sprouting at a time! I enjoy live raw foods filled with vitamins and nutrients. Often, I make a night salad filled with these greens and add an avocado. I have friends whose children never ate greens but when introduced to Hamama greens are now eating their veggies thru the sprouts. I particularly am enjoying the new radish kits and the cilantro is incredible! I strongly recommend you give HAMAMA a try you will likely get hooked like me. Enjoy!


Hi Marie! Thanks so much for your kind feedback. We are so happy that you are enjoying your Hamama greens We love knowing that our growers are able to enjoy fresh greens, and are able to introduce veggies to there kids! So happy to have you apart of our growing community! Happy Growing :)