The Easiest Way to Eat Healthier

Easily Grow Your Own Superfood Greens. Just Add Water Once and Harvest in a Week!

Microgreens are the easiest way to get the nutrients you need.

Veggies like kale and arugula are most nutritious at 7-10 days old. There are USDA studies that show this! So eating just a handful of microgreens can get you the nutrition of a full salad!

I love this product!

I love this, it could not be any easier to grow microgreens! Love it so much I bought one for my daughter-in-law to enjoy. It's great!

Karla on Jan 14, 2019

Love my GrowKit

So much easier than sprouting seeds in a jar! I love this product and have ordered a starter kit for my daughter for Christmas! I know my granddaughter will enjoy watching the sprouts grow so quickly!

Kristi on Nov 23, 2018

Great growing system

We really like this product. We love to incorporate micro greens into our diet and this system is simple and easy to use.

Patty on Jan 08, 2019

10 amazing flavors to choose from. Finally, your answer to eating more greens!

  • Hearty Broccoli
  • Refreshing Cabbage
  • Super Salad Mix
  • Energizing Kale
  • Organic Spicy Daikon Radish
  • Organic Sweet Wheatgrass
  • Zesty Mix
  • Organic Earthy Clover
  • Peppery Arugula
  • Organic Fragrant Fenugreek

*All non-GMO seeds

Grow Your Own Superfoods for as low as $17/month

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3 Month Gift

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