Crisp Carrot Seed Quilts 🥕🐰

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Crisp Carrot Seed Quilts

Prepare to be amazed...all-new CARROT microgreens are here!! 🥕🌱

Yes, carrot - for a limited time only! These micro carrot greens bring you the crisp carrot flavor you know and love plus some exciting nutritional characteristics. Grow your own Crisp Carrot microgreens with Hamama. Perfect for soups, salads, a unique sandwich green, or our favorite - on a cozy risotto!

Works in low light. All organic, non-GMO seeds.

Included in your Crisp Carrot Refill

  • 3 organic Crisp Carrot Seed Quilts (this is for you if you already have a Hamama grow tray!)

Grow Tray & Bamboo Frame sold separately

Limited Time Offer

As a limited time offer, this product is not guaranteed, refundable, or replaceable.

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Crisp Carrot Microgreens 🥕🐰