Gourmet Herb Duo


Gourmet Herb Duo

NEW Bold Basil plus Culinary Cilantro! Grow two of our most 'herbaceous' micro-herbs.

Gourmet BASIL micro-herbs are finally here! Stock up on this LIMITED TIME Seed Quilt flavor now. Grow your own fresh and aromatic Bold Basil microgreens with Hamama! Then put your apron on and level up your pesto, tomato sauce, and caprese salad recipes.

Works in low light. All non-GMO seeds.

What's included?

  • 3 gourmet Bold Basil Seed Quilts
  • 3 gourmet Culinary Cilantro Seed Quilts

Hamama Grow Tray & Bamboo frame sold separately.

Limited Time Offer

As a limited time offer, this product is not guaranteed, refundable, or replaceable. To make the most of your Basil Seed Quilts, click here for tips on getting the perfect harvest!

$39 + Free Shipping

Bold Basil Microgreens 🌱

Bold Basil 3-Pack

3 Bold Basil Seed Quilts

$29 + Free Shipping

The Bold & the Bountiful

Bold Basil 10-Pack + 2 Grow Trays

$89 + Free Shipping

Sup'herb' Variety Pack

Bold Basil, Culinary Cilantro, Garlicky Chives

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