Grow Tray & Chalk Marker Set


Grow Tray & Chalk Marker Set

Let your inner artist shine! 🎨
Personalize your grow tray and create your own designs with our washable chalk markers. This set includes 2 Hamama grow trays plus 2 chalk markers so you can customize your grows.

Tip 👈
Maximize your harvests! Split your Seed Quilts and grow more than 1 flavor at a time in your grow tray. Use our non-toxic chalk markers to label your trays. You can even write handy reminders for your Peel & Harvest Days!

Included in your set

  • 2 Hamama Grow Trays
  • 2 washable, non-toxic chalk markers

$29 + Free Shipping

Tray dimensions are 12.5" x 6.5" x 2"