Microgreen Kit with Bamboo Frame - Flash Sale!

Microgreen kit includes reusable grow tray, beautiful bamboo frame, easy growing instructions, and 3 Seed Quilts. Choose your variety below!

Powerhouse Veggies:
Super Salad Mix, Hearty Broccoli (Organic), Energizing Kale (Organic)

Spicy Greens:
Zesty Mix, Hot Wasabi Mustard (Organic), Spicy Daikon Radish (Organic)

Smoothie Greens:
Refreshing Cabbage (Organic), Sweet Wheatgrass (Organic), Energizing Kale (Organic)

$47 + Free Shipping (Save $37)
$84 + Free Shipping

Tray dimensions are 12.5" x 6.5" x 2"

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