Radish Sampler with 2 Grow Trays


A set of 4 radish Seed Quilts - grow them all! Each is different but equally delicious :) Includes 2 reusable plastic grow trays.

Flavor Notes

Violet Radish (Organic):
The heat hits fast but is overall more mild and dissipates quickly. The flavor is refreshing and savory. The radish leaves are robust and crunchy.

Where to use them: We recommend using this radish on tacos, avocado toast, and soups. Anywhere the heat will be appreciated as much as the color contrast!


Red Radish (Organic):
Reminiscent of a French Radish you'd find on a breakfast plate or in a Taqueria. The heat comes on fast with elements of pepper - enough to make your tongue tingle!

Where to use them: We recommend using this radish in tofu scrambles, on tacos, and in salads.


Pink Radish (Organic):
This radish has a more defined veggie flavor, similar to other greens like kale or broccoli with less pepperiness than the other radishes. This radish has a mild start with a hot finish that sneaks up on you!

Where to use them: We recommend this radish for sandwiches, wraps, and vegan omelettes.


Spicy Daikon Radish (Organic):
Compared to the other three, Daikon Radish has a more mild heat but with a satisfying crunch and strong, pronounced radish-y flavor. The Radish's radish.

Where to use them: True to its roots we recommend this radish for Asian dishes such as sushi, spring rolls, and as a garnish for stir fry.

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Tray dimensions are 12.5" x 6.5" x 2"