Spicy Variety 10-Pack


Spicy Variety Seed Quilt 10-Pack

This variety pack will really add some spice to your life!

Peppery Arugula is back for a limited time only and better than ever! They're MORE intense with an extra zip! These tender & crisp arugula microgreens are the perfect mix of cool crunch and hot, peppery flavor. Perfect for a nice kick to your sandwiches, salads, pastas, or pizza - or even as a snack on their own - yes, they’re that good! 🌶🔥🌱

Works in low light. All organic, non-GMO seeds.

Meet the Flavors

  • 3 Peppery Arugula Seed Quilts
    • These tender & crisp arugula microgreens are the perfect mix of cool crunch and hot, peppery flavor.
  • 3 Zesty Mix Seed Quilts:
    • The perfect as a colorful & fun garnish, with a of mix of colors, flavors & nutrition. Adds a zesty kick!
  • 1 Spicy Daikon Radish Seed Quilt
    • This classic has a more mild heat but with a satisfying crunch and strong, pronounced radish-y flavor. The Radish's radish.
  • 1 Pink Radish Seed Quilt
    • This radish has a more defined veggie flavor, similar to other greens like kale or broccoli with less pepperiness than the other radishes. It has a mild start with a hot finish that sneaks up on you!
  • 1 Red Radish Seed Quilt
    • Reminiscent of a French Radish you'd find on a breakfast plate or in a Taqueria. The heat comes on fast with elements of pepper - enough to make your tongue tingle!
  • 1 Violet Radish Seed Quilt
    • This radish has heat that hits fast but is overall more mild and dissipates quickly. The flavor is refreshing and savory. The radish leaves are robust and crunchy.

New & Improved for Your Growing Experience

We’ve optimized the arugula growing process by adding a small amount of food-safe calcium carbonate powder that controls against excess moisture to guarantee a great grow. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has approved calcium carbonate for many uses in food. Just avoid touching the powder with your hands then touching your eyes. So head's up! You may notice a small amount of white powder on the top of your Seed Quilt - that’s the food-safe powder that optimizes your grow!

Limited Time Offer

As a limited time offer, this product is not guaranteed, refundable, or replaceable. To make the most of your Peppery Arugula Seed Quilts, click here for tips on getting the perfect arugula harvest!

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