Broccoli Microgreens and Broccoli Sprouts

Use HAMAMA's grow kits to start growing broccoli microgreens at home every week.

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are the seedlings of the broccoli plant a few days after germination. They are best to eat at 2-3 days old. There are many benefits of broccoli sprouts - like other sprouts they are extremely nutritionally dense, full of vitamins and minerals. In fact, broccoli sprout nutritional content is higher than many other sprout types. Many people who want to eat healthier and have sprouts at home wonder how to grow broccoli sprouts themselves. The usual method is a sprouting jar where the broccoli seeds and new broccoli sprouts have to be rinced twice a day. We think this method is too tedious and is easy to forget about if you are busy. Read more to learn how growing broccoli microgreens is the better option and how HAMAMA's microgreen kit makes it easy!

A bundle of broccoli sprouts grown in a tray.

Broccoli Microgreens

Broccoli microgreens are older than broccoli sprouts and have a larger more defined leaf. They are extremely easy to grow with HAMAMA's microgreen kit and only take 7 days to have a fresh, nutritional bounty. Like broccoli sprouts, the nutrition of broccoli microgreens is very high and provides vitamins and minerals when eaten. Broccoli microgreens are also rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant. Growing broccoli microgreens is easy with HAMAMA. Just add water to your microgreens kit, plant a broccoli Seed Quilt and come back in 7 days to harvest your fresh, nutritious broccoli microgreens!