Q: I'm a notorious plant killer. Are you sure I can do this?

A: Yes!!! We've converted thousands of plant killers into plant lovers. Because you don't have to remember to water, there's nothing to mess up.

Q: My place doesn't have much natural light. Will it still work for me?

A: Totally! Microgreens don't need much light. Just put your kit near a window or in a room with regular ceiling lighting.

Q: Do the plants regrow after I harvest?

A: No, you're eating up the plant, so there's nothing left to grow! Compost the used Seed Quilt in your green bin and plant a new one.

Q: Are the seeds organic?

A: All seeds are non-GMO, and most options are organic (Energizing Kale, Hearty Broccoli, Spicy Daikon Radish, Earthy Clover, Sweet Wheatgrass, and Fragrant Fenugreek). Stick with us as we work to switch to an all certified organic line!

Q: I'm not a fan of the plastic tray. Are you working on that?

A: This tray is BPA free but we are looking forward to offering ceramic or glass options in the future!