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Cat Grass Starter Kit

Cat Grass Starter Kit

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Everything you need to grow microgreens. Just add water! Works in low light. All seeds are non-GMO and most options are Certified Organic.


  • Reusable grow tray
  • Easy growing instructions
  • 3 Organic Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilts

Product Details

Patented Hamama Seed Quilt Technology
  • No green thumb required
  • No loose seeds, no soil
  • Just add water and harvest in a week (7-10 days)
  • Microgreens don't need much light. Just put your kit near a window or in a room with regular ceiling lighting.
Hamama Grow Tray

Grow a lifetime of harvests with our reusable, high-quality grow trays, designed for use exclusively with patented Hamama Seed Quilts.

  • Tray dimensions are 12.5" x 6.5" x 2"
  • Built-in risers
  • Fill line to indicate water level
  • Easy clean up, dishwasher safe (place in the top rack, upside down)
  • #5 Food Safe, made from BPA-free Polypropylene
  • Fits inside the Hamama Bamboo Frame, sold separately
Allergy Notice

Microgreens grown with Hamama products come into contact with coconut, soy, and corn based materials. Hamama products are produced in facilities which process wheat products. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, please consult your doctor before using Hamama products.


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Fresh Greens, Guaranteed

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  • Promotes Digestive Health

    Cat wheatgrass contains dietary fiber that helps improve digestion and prevent constipation in cats. By offering cat wheatgrass as a treat or supplement to their diet, you can help maintain your cat's digestive health.

  • Supports Dental Health

    Chewing on the fibrous blades of wheatgrass can help clean a cat's teeth and massage their gums, which can help prevent dental issues like gingivitis and tartar buildup. Cat wheatgrass can be a healthy addition to your cat's dental hygiene routine.

  • Provides Essential Nutrients

    Cat wheatgrass is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as iron, calcium, and potassium, which are essential for a cat's overall health and wellbeing. By including cat wheatgrass in their diet, you can provide your cat with these important nutrients and help them maintain optimal health.

You and your kitty can enjoy fresh wheatgrass year-round in just three easy steps.

It’s easy to grow cat grass at home. All you have to do is add water and plant the organic wheatgrass Seed Quilt. In 10 days you'll have organic cat grass ready to use. Once the grass is fully grown, just place it near your cat's food and they will eat it directly from the tray.

  • Fill tray with water
  • Soak Seed Quilt
  • Harvest in just 10 days

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out!

Q: What is cat grass?

Cat grass refers to a variety of grass plants, including wheatgrass and barley grass, that are beneficial to domestic indoor cats.

Q: Why do cats eat grass?

Cats eat grass because it helps their digestion, gives them some greenery if they are mostly indoor cats, and provides some vitamins and minerals that they crave.

Q: What are the benefits of cat grass?

In addition to helping with digestion and providing some nutrition, cat grass also prevents your kitties from destroying the other house plants. The reason cats destroy plants is because they are looking for that greenery to eat. By giving them cat grass, they don't have to seek out other plants.

Q: Is cat grass care difficult?

Not at all! With the HAMAMA grow kit, once you plant your organic wheatgrass Seed Quilt, all you have to do is come back in a week to give the cat grass to your cats.

Q: I’m a notorious plant killer. Are you sure I can do this?

Yes!!! We've converted thousands of plant killers into plant lovers. Because you don't have to remember to water, there's nothing to mess up.

Q: My place doesn’t have much natural light. Will it still work for me?

Totally! Microgreens don't need much light. Just put your kit near a window or in a room with regular ceiling lighting.

Q: Do the plants regrow after I harvest?

No, you're eating up the plant, so there's nothing left to grow! Compost the used Seed Quilt in your green bin and plant a new one.

Q: Are the seeds organic?

All seeds are non-GMO, and most options are organic.

Q: What is the Seed Quilt made of?

Our Seed Quilts are made of materials designed for food and agricultural use. All materials are compostable in your green food and yard waste bin. Materials include coconut fiber, felt, soy wax paper, and seeds.

Q: What is the grow tray made of?

Our grow tray is recyclable and made from #5 food safe BPA free polypropylene. We also offer a Ceramic tray.

View more Frequently Asked Questions here.

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