About Us

Hi, we're Camille and Daniel!

We met as students at MIT and started designing and building things together. As mechanical engineers, we wanted to use our skills to have a positive impact in people’s lives.

After graduating we worked full time at the MIT Media Lab, researching high tech indoor agriculture. After several years of growing food in the lab and at home and experiencing the benefits, we got to thinking, “What if people had a system to grow healthy food for them at home?"  

Everyone wants the benefits of a vegetable garden, right? Fresh, delicious, healthy food right at your fingertips? Yes please! The thing is...not everyone has the space, time, weather, or know-how to have one.

We wanted to help create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food as a part of a healthy lifestyle routine.

We started HAMAMA to bring this vision to life. Customers love our latest invention, the HAMAMA Grow Kit and Seed Quilts, our first step towards making it easy for everyone to garden in their home!  

Cheers to Health and Happiness,

Camille + Dan

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