Garden Cress Seed Quilt 10-Pack 👩‍🌾

Garden Cress Seed Quilts will begin shipping on July 15th

ALL NEW! Garden Cress Microgreens

Pre-order now and stock up on this LIMITED TIME Seed Quilt flavor! Grow your own fresh Garden Cress microgreens with Hamama. Cress greens are an intense and peppery flavor explosion. Cress is a must for your sandwiches and wraps - no further seasoning required!

Works in low light. All organic, non-GMO seeds.

What's Included?

  • 10 organic Garden Cress Seed Quilts (this is for you if you already have a Hamama grow tray!)

Hamama Grow Tray & Bamboo frame sold separately.

Limited Time Offer

As a limited time offer, this product is not guaranteed, refundable, or replaceable.

$59 + Free Shipping