How to secure your Grow Shelf to the wall.

Congratulations on your new Hamama Grow Shelf! We're so excited to see how your fully installed Hamama home garden! As the final step of your shelf assembly, please secure to a wall with the provided mounting hardware. This step is critical for safety. We do not want your shelf tipping over!

What you'll need:

Included in your Grow Shelf package

  • Drywall anchor L*
  • Bracket G
  • Screws M and N

Not included in your Grow Shelf package

  • Phillips head screwdriver

*Note, if your wall is not made of drywall, you won't be able to use drywall anchor L. Depending on the material you may be able to use just screw M without the anchor. Research best practices depending on what your walls are made of.

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