10 Reasons to Grow More Microgreens this Spring

10 Reasons to Grow More Microgreens this Spring

Hey Hamama Friends!

Spring is has sprung, which means gardening season is here (yay!). If you’re like me and don’t have the time or space for a big outdoor garden, no worries! Hamama has your back! The Hamama growing system is the perfect substitute that allows you to do your gardening right on your countertop. Spring is the perfect time to start or maximize your Hamama garden because after a long winter there is nothing like seeing multiple trays filled with the freshest, healthiest & tastiest homegrown microgreens.

Lookin’ for more reasons to stock up on your Grow Trays & Seed Quilts? We’ll help you with that 😉:


1. No space? No problem!

With a convenient size of 6" W x 12" L x 2" H, our Grow Tray can fit anywhere in your home, such as your windowsill or countertop! If you want to add the decorative Bamboo Frame, that brings the total space capacity to a mere 6 7/8" W x 12 3/4" L x 2" H (which is compact enough for any space, even a dorm room!). We also offer a sleek Grow Shelf that allows you to shelve several trays/accessories without taking up much more space.

2. Fast Harvest!

You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your (very minimal) labor in as little as 7-10 days! Plus, you’ll see new growth just about every day to keep you excited about growing your greens!

3. Super Nutritious Superfoods!

Microgreens are small but they sure are mighty! They pack a bunch of amazing health benefits: These superfoods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. Plus, these baby greens generally have more nutrients than their mature counterparts. #HealthyLiving!!  

Want to learn what each variety has to offer? Check out our “Meet Your Microgreens” page!


4. “Window Farming” = No need for sunlight!

If your area gets more spring showers than it does spring sun, no worries! Microgreens can grow even with low indirect light or your everyday ceiling lights! 🌞💡

5. No soil required = No Mess!

The cleanest microgreen kit from start to finish! Our coco-mats take the hassle and mess out of growing your delicious greens, plus you can upcycle or compost them!

6. Minimal Watering and Maintenance 

Just plant your Seed Quilt in water and let it do its thing! Only very few circumstances call for adding more water during the growth cycle. Curious about what those are? Check out our watering tips!

7. Versatile Uses

From sandwiches to smoothies to salads - Microgreens are a healthy, beautiful, and tasty addition to any meal! Check out our recipes for some inspiration!

@hamama_greens The perfect afternoon snack!💜✨


8. The Whole Family Can Get Involved!  

Growing with Hamama can be a family affair! Just add water to your tray, choose your microgreen Seed Quilt, soak it in the water and you’re all set! If you have kids, growing your own foods can make for a fun and interactive learning activity that gets them excited about healthy eating. Not a fan of veggies? Microgreens pack so much nutrition that by simply adding (or sneaking🙃) a handful to your kids’ favorite snacks or meals, they can reap the benefits.

9. So many delicious different flavor options

We offer a broad variety of different microgreen options for you to choose from! They can range from sweet to spicy to nutty and everything in between. We regularly add more fun flavors to the mix, so there’s always something new sprouting!

10. Fun & Fancy Garnishes for Entertaining

From spring brunches to barbecues, Hamama greens add that extra special somethin’ somethin’ to your spread. Impress your guests with these show-stopper microgreens that elevate your plates to restaurant quality, with the additional perks of tasting delicious and being healthy!

Are you ready to maximize your Hamama garden this spring?!

Share in the comments below what you’ve got sprouting in your indoor garden this spring season 🌱💚

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