10 Reasons to Love Growing Microgreens at Home with Hamama

10 Reasons to Love Growing Microgreens at Home with Hamama

We're over the moon to have so many wonderful Hamama growers across the country . . . Those who haven't joined the bandwagon yet might be wondering: "What makes growing microgreens at home with Hamama so great?" Check out our 10 top reasons to love growing at home with Hamama.

#1: Easy & Quick!

Growing your own veggies at home is an easy and fun activity for the entire family. No extra equipment needed; Just place your kit on your countertop or in a room with regular ceiling lighting and watch your home garden sprout to life within a week!

“The simplicity of this concept is the key to its success. Though the process of sprouting greens is already easy, this is like that friend who says, 'hey, I've found a sustainable, no-mess, scalable way to do what you already love.' What a great share.

#2: Super Nutritious!

As shown in a 2012 USDA study and in several studies since, microgreens are super nutritious... in some cases up to 40x more nutritiously dense than their mature versions! So eating just a handful of microgreens can add quite a punch of flavor and nutrition to every meal! All Hamama seeds are organic and non-GMO, too! Amazing, right?! Eat up!

I was watching this Health Summit documentary series, and broccoli sprouts were recommended by a famous breast surgeon for cancer survivors, because broccoli helps the body to excrete excess estrogen through the urine. Wow! Apparently sprouts are more concentrated in nutrients than the whole plant. So, this got my interest, to prevent cancer, since a lot of breast cancers are a result of excess estrogen. I was skeptical, but boy did those broccoli seeds sprout, evenly across the tray, in 4 days. They were delicious in my salad, and I'm sure there are other delightful ways to enjoy them! I'm really happy with this product--the seed quilts are easy to grow in low light conditions, and so healthy! Yum!

#3: Can be grown anywhere indoors!

Works in all climates from Arizona to Alaska. Just place your kit on your countertop or in a room with regular ceiling lighting and watch your home garden sprout to life. Fits in small spaces too.

I live at 6700 ft above sea level. My microgreens grew like crazy. Love the Daikon Radish greens! Rocky Mountain success and I am really bad at growing things.

#4: So many varieties to choose from!

Salads and smoothies and sandwiches, oh my! The possibilities are endless. Get in the habit of adding delicious super greens to every meal. Our patented Seed Quilts ensure you have a successful harvest so you can count on delicious, fresh superfoods for your healthy eating routine.

If you are debating buying these, do it NOW! These are soooo tasty and the absolute best microgeens I have ever had. They last for a very long time, have so many different flavors, and add amazing nutrients and taste to your salads, sandwiches, smoothies, burgers, anything! I love them and they are super easy!

#5: Kid-Friendly!

It’s so great to introduce healthy habits at a young age. It is a fun learning project too. Kids enjoy the responsibility of choosing the flavor, planting, watering, and watching the greens grow up so quickly! Hamama microgreens are a great way to introduce gardening to kids as they are low maintenance and so easy to grow!

We have now grown 6 seed quilts with absolute success! My 7 year old son loves, loves, loves these microgreens and eats a handful off the tray every time he walks by the kitchen table. He even has my 12 year old son competing for who can eat more microgreens! This is definitely the type of competition I love at my house!!! We even did a grow-off between Hamana and a mechanized large sprout growing machine... even though the machine had a higher capacity, the kids liked Hamama better. Thank you, Hamama, for providing such a great opportunity for my family to grow and eat healthily!!!

#6: Fresh, Safe and Affordable!

Microgreens and microherbs are very delicate and are often even seen going bad on supermarket shelves - such a short shelf life when your greens aren’t grown on the spot! Growing veggies in your home means you get the freshest, longest-lasting microgreens you could possibly get. Growing your veggies indoors means you won’t have to worry about pests contaminating your greens either. Grow produce you can trust.

If I buy microgreens at a store or farmer’s market, I pay $5 per ounce. My average harvest with Hamama is 2 ounces. So for me, this is not overpriced. Plus I don’t have to worry about where they were grown and possible contamination. There have been produce recalls on green onion, romaine and sprouts in the past due to contamination so everything we can grow at home is a no worry product.”

#7: Makes a great gift!

Look no further for the perfect gifts for the healthy eaters, gardeners, cooks, and plant lovers in your life!

"My doula gifted me the Hamama Greens kit after giving birth, and it has been the best gift ever! I love growing the microgreens right in our kitchen. It is super easy and convenient. I even signed up for the auto program to receive three seed quilts per month. My favorites so far are the refreshing cabbage, wheatgrass, and energizing kale. Honestly, it's so simple. I put my microgreens on everything and I love knowing that I am getting extra nutrition!"

#8: Shareable with your pets!

Many Hamama growers love to share their microgreens with their furry (or scaly or feathered) friends. Not only is it a fun little treat, but can also add to your pet’s nutrition!

This grow kit is so much fun! It grows so fast and gives you a lot of greens. If you have any pet birds, after you trim the produce off, you can leave the bed for foraging. Our pet cockatiel loves to pick and nibble on the bed, making sure he gets all of his greens. It can be a bit of fight to get anyone in my house to eat enough greens, but this kit makes it easy and interactive. It’s so much fun to watch it grow and feel proud of your harvest. It makes me feel like a real farmer!”


“I have 4 birdies and they love these greens! We mostly order wheatgrass and it spouts beautifully!”

#9: A pretty addition to any home!

Grow all the greens you need and display them in style! We offer 2 sleek grow tray options, bamboo frames in 3 shades & grow shelves in 2 sizes. Everything you need to build your dream Hamama garden.

Love this set up. I followed instructions and everything worked perfectly. We got a nice harvest. We love the look of the bamboo box and needed to keep it out of reach of our kitty. We designed a glass shelf and purchased some wall brackets and now our box sits perched on the glass shelf where we can watch the microgreens grow 'by the minute' and it looks like part of our artwork on the wall. What fun!!!”

#10: Committed to sustainability!

From zero single-use plastic in our shipping and packaging process to clever packaging that minimizes unnecessary material usage, Hamama is committed to ensuring its products are made and shipped with love for our Mother Earth.

“I have just completed trying all 10 varieties of microgreens with a monthly subscription service. I wish I could give 10 stars! Every single quilt sprouted fully. I love growing and eating these sprouts so much, I have changed to the Superfood Superstar plan to save on shipping materials. However, even with the monthly subscription, all packaging is plastic-free and recyclable, and most of it is compostable. Your customer service is exemplary. I am so excited to have such a large inventory on hand to select from. Thanks for all you do!” 

So, grab a grow tray (or two or three) and see firsthand why growing microgreens at home with Hamama may just be your new healthy addiction.

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