5 Reasons to Skip the Store and Grow your Own Microgreens

5 Reasons to Skip the Store and Grow your Own Microgreens

1. So Fresh!

There are so many great reasons to grow your own microgreens and that includes having access to the freshest microgreens you can get! Nothing beats seeing the growing process of your microgreens from seeds, to tiny sprouts, to the first leaves and finally to harvest time. You don’t have to worry about unwanted pesticides, who is handling your greens or even how long they have been on the shelf for. You can control when to start them, what water to use when you’re growing them and when you want to enjoy them! Choose to harvest your greens as you use them or harvest them all at once and store them for later - The choice is all yours! Shouldn't everything be that way!?

2. So Affordable!

Hamama is the perfect introduction to indoor gardening as it’s fool-proof, low-maintenance, and yields super healthy, delicious and versatile microgreens! You might be thinking, “What about the cost?” Let’s break it down!

With Hamama you can purchase our Seed Quilts and Grow Tray with a starting cost of $35 with our monthly subscription!Our monthly subscription includes 3 Organic Seed Quilts of your choice at $19/month - That’s only $6.33 per quilt! One Seed Quilt can produce a harvest anywhere between 3.5oz - 5oz of greens. That means for each shipment you can get anywhere from 10.5oz-15oz of microgreens! Learn more about the cost breakdown and how it compares to store-bought greens here.

If you’re looking for even more savings, you can opt to get our Seed Quilts in bulk which can reduce the price per Seed Quilt to as low as $4.19!

3. So Many Options!

Variety is key! We offer 10 staple microgreen flavors along with our growing Micro-Herb selections. Plus, we introduce new specialty varieties throughout the year for added excitement! A lot of the flavors we offer are difficult to find in your local grocery store or farmer’s market, depending on your location or time of year. If you are on a subscription plan, you can change your flavors out every month!

If you’re looking to grow something other than microgreens we got you covered! Try out our Garlic Greens Kit and our Green Onion Kits for some more variety.

Regular Microgreen Varieties:

Hearty Broccoli

Energizing Kale

Refreshing Cabbage

Sweet Wheatgrass

Earthy Clover

Hot Wasabi Mustard

Spicy Daikon Radish

Fragrant Fenugreek

Super Salad Mix

Zesty Mix

Limited Edition Microgreen Varieties:

Crisp Carrot

Peppery Arugula

Garden Cress

Springtime Peas

Micro-Herb Varieties:

Culinary Cilantro Garlicky Chives Bold Basil

4. So Much Fun for Everyone!

Growing your own microgreens is easy, fast and fun for all of your family members. It's a great way for kids to learn about the importance of healthy eating and how beneficial it can be to grow your own food! Make it even more interactive with our many Activity Workbooks that make the learning process even more fun. Did you know that even your furry, scaly, and feathered family members can join in on the fun too? See what their favorite variety may be here!


5. So Pretty and Encouraging!

What’s better than a constant reminder that you can eat healthier every day? A reminder that also adds some flair to your home! Our Hamama system comes in a couple of different options that are sure to fit the aesthetic of your home. We have our signature black plastic Grow Tray that can be fitted with our sleek Bamboo Frame (Or choose one of our other Bamboo Frame options: white or walnut!). We also have a beautiful white Ceramic Grow Tray that can also be fitted with our natural Bamboo Frame! Don’t forget about our Grow Shelf and Grow Shelf Mini that can beautifully house your indoor garden.

So grow on & grow with us today!

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