7 Reasons to Commit to Your Health this Fall

7 Reasons to Commit to Your Health this Fall

Committing to your health is as easy as ever when you grow with Hamama!

When purchasing any of our Starter Kits or Seed Quilt refills you have the option of signing up for our Seed Quilt auto-delivery program. Our auto-delivery option not only makes committing to your health a one-click process, it also comes with a handful of amazing perks!

1. Exclusive Savings

When you sign up for our subscription you get 25% off your 1st subscription order and 10% or more off of all Seed Quilt refills! The bigger the Seed Quilt refill plan, the bigger the savings. Our annual Seed Quilt plan is just $149 for a year's worth of Seed Quilts. You'll save 25% compared to one-time purchases.


2. Access to Specialty Flavors


Hamama subscribers get exclusive access to new & limited edition products, flavor testing, and specialty flavors such as our Pink, Violet and Red Radish varieties!


3. VIP Discounts

You'll be the first to know when we have special sales and discounts, only for subscribers! You’ll also get exclusive saving offers for your favorite items like Grow Trays and Seed Quilt refills!


4. Freebies 

We’re known for throwing a little extra love in each package so that you can try new things from other awesome companies!


5. Hamama Rewards

With Hamama Rewards, you'll get birthday perks, referral credits & earn points with every refill order. You can use your rewards points towards any future purchases or even towards your monthly renewals.


6. Locked in Pricing 

Keep the same pricing on your refills for as long as you’re subscribed! We're locking in your pricing to ensure you'll have no price increases during your subscription.


7. Free Shipping on Seed Quilt Refills

Your Seed Quilt refills will always ship free. Get an annual plan, and you'll help our Mother Earth by making fewer shipments and using fewer shipping materials.

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