BlueStudios - Kid's Online Learning Resources

BlueStudios - Kid's Online Learning Resources

Hi Hamama Friends!

Back to school is quickly approaching but we understand that there are some unknowns for this upcoming school year. Since we know a lot of our Hamama families are facing some big unknowns with the school year ahead, we wanted to share some really great online educational resources with you!  Blue Studios was founded by Kelley (you’ll see her in a ton of videos and in the BlueStudios live chat welcome video too!) to make learning fun and accessible for everyone.  Kelley and her team have built an incredible (and growing!) collection of live and recorded classes as well as one-on-one sessions and at-home kits for hands-on learning! From microbiology to botany, coding, robotics, chemistry, and much more, we’ve seen the award-winning BlueStudios experience just getting better and better! 

What’s even MORE exciting is that we’ve partnered up with BlueStudios to get you a 60-day FREE trial!  Just sign up for your free trial at and use code HAMAMA60FREE at checkout! 

“We're educators, engineers, scientists, researchers, filmmakers, performers, creatives and parents.We believe that STEM education is the most cost-prohibitive aspect of our educational system, but provides kids with the most opportunities. We decided to come together to create a platform that we wish that we had when we were kids.”


Here are some super exciting sneak peeks of some of the STEM learning episodes: 

In this lesson, Kelley & Dr. Jess teach the science of botany and the botanical difference between fruits and vegetables!

In this lesson, Taylor teaches how Ecosystems work! Your future ecologists will create food chains of various organisms in different ecosystems. 

In this lesson, Kelley & Dr. Jess teach the science of botany (how plants work)! 

In this lesson, Kelley & Dr. Jess teach Microbiology for Kids (How bacteria grow)! 

Hope you and your family fall in love with BlueStudios too! We wanted to do our own small part to help you parents and kids with STEM learning too so check out our new workbook and let us know what you think: Feed your kids' curiosity with this fun and informative activity sheet all about microgreens! 

If you are interested in learning more about BlueStudios STEM learning, check out the website here! Ready to join the STEM learning community? Start your free trial now! Don't forget to use code HAMAMA60FREE at checkout to get a 60-day free trial! 

Here’s to a great school year ahead no matter how or where it happens!

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