Diary of a Hearty Broccoli Microgreen!

February 12, 2020

Diary of a Hearty Broccoli Microgreen!

🌱 Broccoli microgreens are fairly mild with a nice crunch & a slightly bitter taste overall (they do taste very similar to the full-grown vegetable)! They are mild enough to add to juices and smoothies, but they can also provide a delicious crunch and punch of flavor to many dishes! 

These microgreens will be ready for peeling about 5-6 days after planting and will be ready for harvest in about 10 days! Oh, and our Hearty Broccoli Seed Quilt seeds are certified organic- Yesssss! 


Day 1- Planting your Hearty Broccoli Seed Quilt

Whoo-hoo! For setup, just follow the regular simple Hamama instructions like you always do! Here is an electronic link if you need a quick refresher: https://www.hamama.com/pages/how-to-grow 

Reminder! For the initial soak, be sure to fully hold down on the Seed Quilt to be absolutely sure it has evenly soaked up water. Move your hands around to all the sections until you see that each and every part has turned a shade darker from soaking up water :)


Day 2- No big changes yet!

Like always, I want to share my growing conditions with you- the house temp is near 71 degrees, there is window and ceiling lighting, no other plants or fruit baskets nearby, and the heat is on in the house as it is winter in Wisconsin. Therefore, I will be sure to check the water level periodically because I’ve seen that dry air can make it evaporate much faster than normal! This goes for other dry climates, like Arizona!



Day 3- The seeds are growing and germinating beautifully!

As you can see, the Seed Quilt has definitely started to “puff up” a bit. Right on track!


Day 4- Love seein’ that Green! 

Perfectly ballooned! They are not breaking through the paper top in this case, but you can see that the paper has puffed up and that the germinated seeds are growing. The peel time for the broccoli Seed Quilt is 5-6 days, so I am going to wait another day or two to pull the top parchment paper back. 


Day 5: A watched Seed Quilt never germinates! Kidding! :D

Can’t wait to peel tomorrow, on Day 6! I added a touch of water to bring the level back above the tray’s bottom ridges because of the dry air I have right now with my winter heating on. Be careful not to over-water (only ever touch up to the top of the ridges to be sure you’re not over-watering)! As the seeds & their roots grow, they can reach further down to wick up water as needed, and it is important to give them airspace/oxygen to breathe (root respiration!).


Day 6- Time to Peel & set these seedlings free! 

Definitely ready to peel the paper top now to give these microgreens the necessary airflow and light they need to continue growing strong! They are pale yellowish green at this stage because the cover has been blocking light out, but they will become a more vibrant green as they receive more light. Note the healthy root hairs in the bottom photo- Don’t let these alarm you!! Not sure what this white fuzz is? Learn all about root hairs here!


Day 7- You Grow Girl! 

The broccoli microgreens are now measuring just over 2 inches already! It takes major constraint to not snack on them! Somebody else I know is trying to sneak tastes too (That is my sweet niece, Amelia)!  :D

Day 8- Almost ready to harvest!

These are almost 2.5 inches now, and quite dense! You can see I started snacking on the right side of my quilt- I couldn’t help myself! Also, how great are our NEW Seed Quilt label holders?


Day 10- HARVEST DAY!!!!!!! 

For me, these looked perfectly mature on day 10. Rich green color, soft lush leaves, and about 3.5 inches tall. Use this mature height as a general rule of thumb as they will vary by season and your growing environment :)


Storing your Broccoli Microgreens: 

These can be harvested at around 3-4 inches. They can be harvested by cutting or even pulling up, & stored in a ziplock bag (or the Stasher bag) in the fridge for a week or so! If you prefer to munch on them while they are in the tray, the mature greens can remain there for a few extra days, but please periodically check that they have enough water to drink! Otherwise, they will wilt over! 😢

Some folks ask if the mature microgreens should be rinsed before use! When the microgreens are ready to harvest you don't need to wash them, but you can if you want. Whatever you feel comfortable with! Since there’s no soil, they’re already super clean. Most folks who do rinse do so if they have pets who might be snooping around in them lol :D The most important thing you should do for cleanliness is to treat them just like any other food item and always wash your hands when handling! *For longer storage, don’t rinse the harvested microgreens before storing. Instead, put them in your ziplock bag in the fridge & rinse just before eating, if desired!

Love this Hamama Tote? You can have one too! 👌

How to eat your Broccoli microgreens: 

Sprinkle your broccoli microgreens on dishes that you love broccoli in!! My personal favorite uses for the Hearty Broccoli microgreens are on eggs, pizza (Woah, I just had a thought- how about on breakfast pizza?! 🍕), baked potatoes, pasta, and smoothies!!

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Don't forget to check out Broccoli-related posts on our Hamama Friends Facebook Page!

Much love to our community of growers & eaters! 💚




Broccoli has an earthy kind of smell - definitely a bit smellier than the rest! So don’t let it alarm you. Kinda like the full grown vegetable though, hey? Broccoli...perhaps the winner for smelliest vegetable!?🙊


Thanks for checking out my Hearty Broccoli Diary, friends! - Allie :)

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