Earth Day

Earth Day

Our earth provides us with the most beautiful breathtaking views while also supplying us with everything that we need to live a healthy life. Our planet is so precious and deserves to be protected every day. Earth Day is a day to make the human family think about how we can better protect and preserve our home!

Here at Hamama, we deeply care about doing our part to protect our planet. We strive everyday to become a more Eco-Friendly company. One of the ways that we do this is by giving you the option to use Carbon offset when you place an order! Carbon offsets help you shop sustainably. The carbon offset means that we will eliminate, capture, or otherwise mitigate all of the carbon emissions created from shipping your online orders. “Net zero” is another term you might hear and it’s simply another way of describing what happens with carbon offsetting.

This option is not required for your purchase, it is only if you want to help offset the carbon footprint of your shipment. The amount depends on the weight of your order and is a few cents to a few dollars.

Please visit to learn more!

To find out more about the other steps Hamama is taking to being a more Eco-Friendly company, please check out our blog post on the 5 Sustainable Facts About Hamama.

Sustainability is one of our best defenses in protecting our environment. Our dollar has power! We can use our purchasing power to support businesses that care about protecting and preserving our environment.

We know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming to locate businesses that are Eco-Friendly, but we have your back! Grow Ensemble created a list of the top most eco-friendly companies. To learn more about them, you can visit the website here.

Below, we included some of our personal favorite eco-friendly companies for you to check out:

Moonshot Snacks

So we can all agree that snacking is amazing right? Moonshot Snacks makes snacking delicious and rewarding all at once. They offer wonderful flavors like Sourdough Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic, and Tomato Basil in cracker form. These crackers can be eaten alone or paired with your favorite topping! So good, but most importantly so good for the environment. From their ingredients, to their packaging and regenerative agriculture. Moonshot snacks are committed to sustaining our environment one step at a time. To learn more about their snacks and their commitment check out their website here.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is all about sustainability. It is one of the reasons why Hamama joined forces with them last year. Grove Collaborative has made a commitment in making products that do no harm to the environment or animals. They carbon offset every shipment to reduce their carbon footprint.They even made a commitment to be “beyond plastic” by the year of 2025. So when you are purchasing your household products you can feel great knowing that this company is dedicated to sustainability. To learn more about their Beyond Plastic promise, please visit their website here.

Hey Humans 

Hey Humans is a personal care line that creates deodorant, toothpaste and body washes that are all made from sustainable materials. The packing is gorgeous and made from recycled paper and aluminum. The formula for the products include up-cycled ingredients and plant based byproducts. All of this goodness for a reasonable price. Every product is priced under $6. Amazing right!? You can buy all of these products at your local Target! To learn more about Hey Humans, please visit their website here.

For our Hamama growers, we appreciate that you shop with us and that you care about the environment. If you are looking for ways to shop more eco-friendly with us, you can always consider swapping your monthly refill for our annual seed quilt bundle. It is cheaper per seed quilt and would reduce CO2 emissions caused by transportation.

We can all make the earth a better place, if we all just make little steps toward change. Please let us know what you plan on doing for Earth Day in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it!!

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Hi Sandra!

We are continuously looking to source and trial new seed varieties to offer in our Seed Quilts! We have a lot of fun stuff in the works! Sizing of the seeds, soaking requirements and other factors require a bit of experimentation and trial & error!

We currently have microgreen broccoli, red cabbage, radish, super salad mix, wheatgrass, zesty mix, kale, clover and fenugreek. You can also find all current flavor offerings here: The Super Salad Mix is broccoli, kale, arugula, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and cabbage. The Zesty Mix is the same but with mustard instead of cauliflower!

Please stay tuned! Thanks for your interest :)

Allie Hamama

I am interested in the grow kits but was hoping for pea shoots. My family loves them but can not use the huge bags of shoots when we can find them.


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