Employee Spotlight- Barbara

Employee Spotlight- Barbara


This week’s employee shoutout goes to Barbara! 

Barbara is a part of our Hamama Happiness Team taking good care of all of our amazing Hamama growers! Whatever question or concern you may have, Barbara is there for you! She loves her team and enjoys making sure each and every one of you are all set and ready to grow!! She is also the creator of many of our fun blog posts! 🌱



Fun Facts about Barbara:
Barbara is originally from Indiana but currently resides in Seattle! 🏡
She loves collecting Stationary! Pens, markers, cut paper, you name it! 📒📝
Barbara, and her husband and their sweet pup love to go hiking any chance they get! 🚶‍♀️🚶🐕

She has been to over 100 breweries throughout the country! 🍺🌍



We are so lucky to have you on the team Barbara!
 Thanks for all you do! 🌼🌱
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