Employee Spotlight- Brian

Employee Spotlight- Brian


This week's employee shoutout goes to Brian!


Brian is Hamama’s Assistant Manager, ensuring all goes smoothly in the warehouse every day.  Brian makes sure everyone knows what we need to produce that day and assigns tasks to ensure our production and fulfillment teams can stay on track for you, our wonderful Hamama crew!  Brian just hit one year since his promotion to Assistant Manager!  Thanks for your dedication to your Hamama team and customer base, Brian - we so appreciate you!!




Brian was born and raised in Sacramento, CA & still currently resides there! 🌎

He loves Daikon Radish microgreens & will eat them raw or on top of a salad! 🌱

He loves animals! 🐼🦊🐱🐶

He loves collecting sports cards! 🎴🏐⚽️⚾️

He loves playing video games! (yes, even at 49 years of age! 😆) 🎮📺

He loves grillin’ and eating grilled food! 🍗🌽🍖

He loves traveling with his family whenever possible! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🛫

Brian loves the feeling of self-worth, having worked a good, hard day! 🙏🌱💪




Thank you Brian for your hard work, dedication and joyful spirit! We appreciate you! 🌱


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Hello Karen!
Thank you so much for reaching out! I see that you sent us an email and one of our customer happiness members was able to assist you! We greatly appreciate you! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at hamama.com/help!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Brittany Hamama

I placed an order but it did NOT give me my discount using Summer21. I have communicated with your bots, your FAQs, and have spent a considerable amount of time on your website & nothing is helping. I cannot find a telephone number or any way to get in touch with your company. My order number is SY381291. Please help!


Hello Vackayil!

So happy that you are interested in our Starter Kit. Our starter kit includes a reusable grow tray, instructions, & your first 3 Seed Quilts for $35. If you opt-out of the subscription and go with the one-time purchase instead, the Starter Kit is $49. We also offer a Starter Kit with Bamboo Frame with bamboo frame for $69 on subscription and $84 as a one-time purchase. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to us at hamama.com/help.

Have a great day!

Brittany Hamama


Vackayil Babu

I am trying to buy a grow stand from Hamama. What are all included in the stand. Does it include bamboo frames.

Vackayil Babu

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