Employee Spotlight- Brittany

Employee Spotlight- Brittany

This week's employee shoutout goes to Brittany!

Brittany is part of our Hamama Happiness Team and loves interacting with our growers. Her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious! She is always on the hunt to find new ways to make the Hamama growing experience the best it can be for everyone! If you have had the pleasure of chatting with Brittany, you know how genuine, kind-hearted and truly caring she is. She makes everyone feel at ease and well-taken care of. We are so lucky & grateful to have her on our team!

Some fun facts about Brittany:

She is from East Texas and currently lives in Arizona! 🌍🏡

Her favorite Hamama Microgreen variety is the Super Salad Mix and she especially loves eating them on sandwiches - just don’t skimp on the pickles!! Check out her recipe for collard greens on our recipes page, Mmmmm! 🌱

Brittany loves music! Some of her favorite jams include Worthy by India.Arie, Overgrown by Ivy Sole, High Rises by Chika, 10k Hours by Jhene Aiko and Bodies(Intro) by Jazmine Sullivan. Bodies by Jazmine Sullivan is just an intro and she can listen to it on repeat alllllll day! 🎼

Her sun and moon are Pisces! 🌞♊️🌚

She loves Whales, especially Blue Whales! 🐳

Thank you Brittany for being a part of our Hamama Team! We appreciate you! 💚

Grow Super Salad Greens with Brittany!

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