Employee Spotlight- Upu

Employee Spotlight- Upu


This week’s employee shoutout goes to Upu!

Upu is a valued member of both our production and fulfillment teams here at Hamama HQ, masterfully going between different tasks and roles wherever she is needed! She loves working at Hamama with a great schedule that works out for her lifestyle and working as a team. Thank you, Upu, for always crushing your daily goals and inspiring us all to do our very best!  We’re so grateful to have you on Team Hamama.



Upu is originally from American Samoa & currently lives in Sacramento, CA! 🌎🏝


She loves volleyball! 🏐


She loves gardening! 🌿🐛


She loves to learn new things! 💕💡


Her favorite Hamama Microgreen is Broccoli! She loves to eat it with her tuna sandwich! 🌱 


Grow Hearty Broccoli Microgreens with Upu!!!! :D



Thank you Upu for being a part of Hamama! We appreciate you! 💚🌱
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