Food Literacy Center: Big Day of Giving

Food Literacy Center: Big Day of Giving

Food Literacy Center's mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. They teach children in low-income elementary schools cooking, nutrition, gardening, and active play to improve our health, environment, and economy.

The mission was born to create change today for a healthy, sustainable tomorrow through community food education. The founder of the foundation, Amber, is joined by her six staff members, community members who make up the center’s board, volunteer committees, and support system. As a growing team, they’ve combined their creative ideas, expertise, and energy around food, health, and social change to improve the community!

Together they have created amazing programs including Food Literacy Education, a student-led and maintained garden, recipe kit distribution centers, and even kids farmers markets!

Food Literacy Center was founded in 2011 to educate children on how food impacts their health. For over a decade, Food Literacy Center has provided successful after school programs to Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) elementary schools. In Sacramento, 40% of children suffer from childhood obesity or are overweight. This directly increases their risk for Type 2 diabetes. The majority of the children we serve are food and nutrition insecure, a form of toxic stress. Food insecurity is also associated with adverse behavioral and academic outcomes among children. Now more than ever before, our students need social connections to survive and thrive. We combine positive, stable relationship-building with skill-building by delivering hands-on, health-focused programs. We help build resilience, helping students learn to cope with hard times and develop healthy eating habits by role modeling healthy behaviors and consistently showing up for our students year after year, even through the pandemic during school closures.

Here at Hamama, we are always so excited to be able to participate in wonderful causes such as this to help spread love, awareness and support. On this day of giving, Hamama is donating 1% of our sales to the Food Literacy Center - We thank you in advance for joining us in this cause and for being part of our growing family! 💚 Learn more about the Big Day of Giving here.

Support can come in many forms whether it's a direct donation, a Hamama purchase for yourself or someone else (we’re donating 1% of sales to the cause!), volunteering or even spreading the word!

Follow Big Day of Giving & Food Literacy Center on social for updates & more!

We believe that Hamama products can play an important role in improving the health, nutrition, and food literacy for everyone, starting at a young age. Thank you for always supporting us and the causes we feel so passionately about.


💚 Love, your Hamama Team 🌱

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