Forest Planet

Forest Planet

Hi Hamama Friends!

Today we are sharing some information on Forest Planet - an organization dedicated to the repopulation of trees worldwide.

As the climate continues to change, we are all looking for ways to be more sustainable and to provide solutions to the already existing problems due to the warming of our planet. Trees, for one thing, are absolutely crucial for our survival. This inspiring organization passionately supports reforestation efforts and is already seeing some of the benefits!

Forest Planet is an organization dedicated to reforestation around the world by planting one tree at a time. Forest Planet has partnered with different organizations over the years to help spread awareness about the immense importance of planting trees. They are very active in planting mangrove trees in Madagascar. The mangrove tree is essential to the earth’s ecosystem as it breathes in up to 4 times more carbon dioxide than most other trees. You can read about their efforts in more detail here. You can also see the changes where the trees were planted here. Can you believe that Forest Planet has planted over 770,000 trees since starting!? How cool!

Not only are they invested in planting trees, they are also active in spreading awareness throughout different communities. This past year they held an ​​E-Recycle event in Washington D.C and just partnered with a Utility Advisor to create more solar-powered farms.

We all have the power to impact change. Here at Hamama, we have removed our single-use plastic and have now incorporated more compostable products! We did this by making the change to paper packaging methods which can be recycled and are easily biodegradable compared to plastics. Even our Seed Quilts are now packaged in paper envelopes instead of single-use plastic wrapping. Hamama is now proud to use no plastic packaging or shipping materials - we even use water-activated paper tape. Our new paper Seed Quilt packaging is biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable.

We are offsetting our carbon footprint with reforestation projects in Brazil!

We've partnered with our friends at Pachama to protect forests and offset Hamama's carbon emissions.

Pachama uses remote sensing (LiDAR, hyperspectral satellite images) to verify carbon sequestration and to continuously monitor the forests and natural ecosystems under the protection of their forest management partners.

Learn more here:!

Challenge accepted to continue making strides to help our earth! 🌱🌎

Forest Planet is always looking for people to support their work. If you are interested in donating to their cause you can do so here!

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