Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and do you know why… because today is Good Neighbor day!

We want to celebrate all the neighbors who wave when they see you. Who cuts your grass when you're sick. Who gives you the sugar when you don’t want to drive to the store. We want to show those neighbors love, because those neighbors make a community special!

What better way to tell a neighbor thank you than gifting them with a Hamama Starter Gift Kit. Our gift kit includes one reusable grow tray, instructions and three surprise seed quilts. If you want to take it up notch, you can customize the flavor of the seed quilt that your neighbor receives. For those extra special neighbors, get the Bamboo Starter Kit Gift to add a little extra finesse to their growing experience.

If your neighbor already has a Hamama Starter Kit, no worries we got that covered as well. You can provide them with a Harvesting Kit  so that they never have to worry about how to harvest or store their greens again.

We want to help you tell your neighbor “thank you!” Let them know that they are appreciated and potentially start a conversation with someone that you might not have known. Let’s start nurturing our neighborhoods with love one microgreen at a time!

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