Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day

It’s the perfect day to be a good neighbor! Good Neighbor Day on September 28 is an annual holiday that promotes neighborliness and niceness towards people who surround us. As we celebrate Good Neighbor Day, we’re sharing a few ways to spread positivity, generosity, support & love throughout your neighborhood. 


Did you know?

  • In 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation to make Good Neighbor day a national holiday. 
  • The word neighbor comes from the Old English word neahgebur, where neah means near and gebur means inhabitant.

Here are some simple ways to embrace National Good Neighbor Day this year: 


1. Give the gift of health 🌱

What better way to tell a neighbor thank you than gifting them with a Hamama Starter Kit. For the special occasion, we're offering BOGO Hamama starter kits so you and your neighbors can grow fresh greens from home! All of our kits come with a reusable grow tray so it's a fun & healthy gift that keeps on giving. 


2. Have a neighbor over to share a meal 🥗

Sharing a meal is the perfect way to get to know your neighbors better. Invite a neighbor over, cook your favorite meal and be sure to top it off with your fancy, healthy and tasty microgreens! It would encourage great conversation and a stronger bond for those who live closest to you! If you don’t have a go-to meal, check out our recipes for some inspiration.


3. Offer help & support 💁

Kind gestures are one of the best ways to help your neighbors and build community within the neighborhood. Here are some ideas of how you can show your support to your neighbors:

  • Offer to get your neighbor’s mail while they are out of the town
  • Offer to mow your neighbor's lawn or snow blow their driveway
  • Start a community library box
  • Leave kind messages on the sidewalks with sidewalk chalk 
  • Start a community carpool
  • Offer to water your neighbor's plants
  • Propagate one of your plants to share with your green thumb neighbors
  • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
  • Drop off baked goods 


4. Foster new relationships with neighbors 👫

Don't know all of your neighbors yet? Start a conversation with someone in your neighborhood that you don’t know well yet & start building more neighborly relationships. It's a win-win for all! 


Build a stronger (and more fun) neighborhood, one kind gesture at a time. Share some of your favorite ways to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with us below!

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