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This is the time of year where we are invited to reflect and give thanks for all that is good in our life. We know that this has been a difficult year for so many people across the world. When darkness surrounds us, it is really hard not to feel engulfed with sadness and despair. Yet, we believe that when we speak of and focus on the good things in our life (big or small), we are allowing glimmers of light to shine which gives us a reason to be grateful!

We at Hamama just wanted to take some time and share with you what we are grateful for this year!


I am so grateful for my wife. This has been a difficult year for me, and she has held me down and uplifted me every step of the way. She is my sacred space and my very best friend!


I think it is incredibly important in more difficult times to continue to count your blessings! This year, I am especially grateful for my nieces & nephews (and of course my entire family)! I can always count on their smiles and laughter to brighten my days! I am thankful to be able to work for such an awesome company with an incredible group of humans! I am thankful for good coffee, good food, and good music!! I am very thankful for any nice weather sent my way so that I can immerse myself in nature as much as possible! :D

Carolyn (Curl):

I am thankful for family, friends, travel, old homes, new homes and always learning from the past, moving forward and being present! I am also grateful for my Hamama family!!! 💜🌿


I am grateful for nature, road trips, precious time with loved ones, smiles, laughter, fall leaves, microgreens, green onions, and my Hamama family.


This year I am grateful for many things! Among them my family, my friends, my job, and my new home. I’m especially thankful for my husband who has gone through these changes with me and my pups who puts up with my constant cuddling! Lastly I am thankful for starting new adventures and living somewhere that offers unlimited beauty!


I’m thankful for the opportunities that 2020 has created to slow down and appreciate the things around me, especially family! It’s been nice to have time to work on my garden and fixer-upper home with my husband and transition to both working remotely. I’m so thankful for my Hamama family and a fun new job this year. Additionally, we’ve surrounded ourselves with our sweet Sadie, foster puppies, and MoPups dog sitting furiends, which makes me extremely happy! Beyond that, I am thankful for fresh air, good books, board games, and yummy food!

Hamama Headquarters Team:

We all have beautiful things to be grateful for and as a team we are so grateful for YOU, our Hamama family. We love interacting with you every day, because you make each day special! We want to wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season.

Love, your Hamama team!

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Although I had a problem with the second quilt; it stank and I had to throw it away, my third quilt is doing beautifully. I love the greens. I haven’t received my new shipment of greens or extra trays. It is probably because of the holidays the parcel services must be swamped. I am eager to receive them. Thank you for your wonderful products!

Ellen R Turner

Love you guys so much!


Bought them for my daughter for Hanukkah/Christmas and glad to find out I helped a small business because I forgot to go to the local bookstore today. Hope those microgreens make it to Chicago soon. She lives there and is not coming back to Michigan for Christmas. She thought she would but too dangerous. She came for thanksgiving. Thank you. Hope she likes them.


Lovely to see you guys! I only wish you shipped to Australia :) Maybe one day, hey? In the meantime, I will look at your lovely microgreens from afar.

Monica McSween

I’m so grateful for many things, but want to especially thank you folks at Hamama. My stepmom moved from a place in WA state where she always grew things, to a smaller place when my dad passed. I just sent her a starter set and know she will LOVE growing fresh greens again. Thanks and blessings to you all!!


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