Grow Food Indoors All Year Long

Grow Food Indoors All Year Long

With winter just around the corner, our backyard gardens are giving us the last that they can before the chilly temps make it impossible to grow some of your fave veggies outdoors! Not to worry - this doesn’t have to be the end of your gardening & fresh produce this year! Whether you are growing microgreens, microherbs, green onions or garlic greens, our specially-designed systems make it possible for anyone to grow from anywhere at any time of the year.


Although the process for starting your system is generally the same for all growers, some climates may require a few tweaks to ensure optimal growth and health for your microgreens. Check out our “How Your Climate Can Affect Your Microgreens” blog post where we share how to handle some of these external factors to ensure optimal success for your Seed Quilts!

The microgreens’ growth can look slightly different depending on the season you are growing them in, so knowing how to adjust your setup and maintenance techniques can make all the difference! Just as we have to adjust our own wardrobe and schedules as the seasons change, your plants may need some adjusting as well. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when the leaves start to change colors! 🍂


Summertime typically brings us lots of sunshine, high temps and oftentimes humidity which are definitely things to take into consideration when using any of our grow kits! Despite popular belief, some plants don’t do well with harsh, direct sunlight and delicate microgreens are no exception. Not only can extended periods of direct sunlight damage your little greens, it can also cause the water in your tray to dissipate faster and in turn throw off your growing cycle a bit.

Microgreens do not require any light during the initial stages of growth - In fact, they actually prefer the darkness as it can mimic the coverage that they receive from soil! After the germination phase, they will reach for a natural or artificial light source. They do best with plenty of indirect light. If there is higher humidity, having an oscillating or ceiling fan to circulate the air really helps! Remember, our kits are meant to be kept indoors.

Green Onions love the sunlight so keeping them in a well-lit area is recommended. This does cause the water to evaporate a bit faster so be sure to keep an eye on the water level and make sure your coco-mat is always thoroughly moist.

Garlic Greens also enjoy some sunlight but won’t require as much water as your green onions!

Just be sure the roots always have access to it when needed.



The winter blues don’t just affect us - Your greens will also feel the blues when the temps drop and the sun is around less. In order to make the most of your Seed Quilts during this season there are a few growing tips we suggest following. Placing your Grow Tray in a warm area can help keep the growing cycle consistent! The ideal temperature that most seeds need to germinate best is around 70-85 F, but the warmer it is within that range, the faster and more consistent the results will be. If you have the heat on in your home (or are in a naturally drier climate), also be sure to keep an eye on the water level of your tray to ensure the greens do not run out of water. The colder temps can also cause your greens to grow a bit slower so having a lot of patience can go a long way when growing in the winter.

Green Onions also have similar requirements! They appreciate the warmer temperatures so keeping them in a consistently warm temperature will help keep their growing consistent as well.

Sunlight can be important too but if there are days where that is not possible, no worries! Your indoor lighting should work well for them too. As for watering, be sure to keep an eye on the water level each week to ensure the coco-mat stays moist enough for the roots to continue to thrive.

Garlic Greens aren’t as sensitive to colder temperatures however, they will also grow a bit faster if kept in warmer temperatures compared to cooler ones. Similar to summer/spring, Garlic Greens won’t need as much water maintenance as long as the roots are always being looked out for! As for light requirements, Garlic Greens do need some light in order to grow consistently but any regular, indoor lighting will do!

Growing with Hamama is easy and fun to do any time of year! Each season comes with new challenges and learning opportunities so don't hesitate to reach out to our awesome Customer Support Team if you find yourself needing some growing tips. We are always here to help!

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