Growing with a Purpose

September 16, 2020

Growing with a Purpose

Hi Hamama Friends! 

We believe that it is important to help our neighbors, especially those who are in need. There are so many wonderful organizations helping the most vulnerable people in our community, and we would just like to take the time and share a little information about them with you. 

1) Code Tenderloin

Code Tenderloin was started with the idea of bringing economic equity to the populations in need who live in and around the San Francisco Tenderloin neighborhood.

Code Tenderloin removes barriers to success by providing the following:


They cover transportation costs including public transportation and ride shares to get to jobs and interviews. 


Enrollment in Public Defender's Clean Slate Program that reduces and expunges criminal records. 


They prepare participants to succeed in the workplace with a unique curriculum that covers technical skills, soft skills, interview prep, resume creation, 1-on-1 mentorship and off-sites led by some of the best tech companies in the Bay Area.  


They connect local businesses and major tech companies and non-profits with the right candidates for long-term job placement. 


Previous history with difficult issues including substance abuse, mental health, education level, personal finances or criminal record does not disqualify you from securing work. 

Code Tenderloin is constantly changing lives with their services and continues to have success stories everyday. 

Click here to see how you can help support the Tenderloin Community!

We recently partnered with Code Tenderloin through the Tech-N-Pack Drive program built by Atarah Green. Thank you for your beautiful vision, Atarah!! And many thanks to the other sponsors, organizers, partners, and most of all students!!


2) Nutrition Buddies

Nutrition Buddies is another organization that is a change maker in the community!

Alexandra Babcok, lifestyle and culinary medicine coordinator at St. Joseph Mercy Health System.

Nutrition Buddies combats food insecurity through reducing hunger and addressing the lack of nutritious food options for many. The program is targeted for children aged 12 to 14 who are from low-income households or who have experienced food insecurity. 

The students in this exciting program have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Hands-on cooking in St. Joe’s demonstration kitchen: learning how different foods support the body and to confidently prepare them in budget-friendly ways that taste good
  • Hands-on farm science: learning where food comes from and how to grow it
  • One week of summer camp at The Farm at St. Joe’s, free-of-cost
  • When needed, treatment and social program referrals to address social influencers of health


We believe that every person deserves to have access to good,nutritious food and Nutrition Buddies is doing just that for the kids in Michigan. 


3) Seed Releaf

Last but certainly not least is Seed Releaf! The people at Seed Releaf were inspired by the response to COVID-19 by the World Central Kitchen and Support + Feed.



Seed Releaf organizes, prepares and delivers plant based food via partnerships with local restaurants and farms. They feed community members affected by Covid-19 and the NorCal Firefighters and families affected by the fires.

Every week, they are providing over 600 fresh meals to the members within their communities. This is so important now especially since so many people in the California area are in crisis due to the wildfires.

Hamama is so proud to support these organizations and what they are doing within the community.

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