Hamama Hacks #4: REPURPOSING

October 21, 2020

Hamama Hacks #4: REPURPOSING

Have you ever wondered what to do with your Seed Quilt once you have harvested your greens? Well you have come to the right place! Below you will find some Hamama Hacks on how to give your Seed Quilts a second life. Check it out!

1: From microgreens to adult greens!Β 

Many Hamama growers have had success in growing adult greens from our seed quilts!Β 

Just toss your used quilt with any leftover seeds into some soil and wait for the magic to happen! Check out our Micro-Gardening blog post for detailed steps as well as some awesome success stories!

Our friend Ashleigh planted her left over Super Salad Mix Seed Quilt out in her balcony and after a couple months she had a SUPER super salad with full grown Kale and Kohlrabi!

Karen Chervenak Wiser planted some of her leftover Radish quilts and found a similar surprise a couple of weeks later!

2: Repurposing your coco mat!

Before you toss or compost your coco mat, consider repurposing it! The possibilities for its uses are endless. Check out our Upcycling your Hamama Coco Mats blog post for some simple and creative ways to upcycle your used coconut mat!

One of the most popular ways of reusing them is to cut them and use them as dish scrubbers.Β 

Here is what Alicia Dziedzic-Apathy from our Hamama Friend group has to say:

β€œAfter harvest, if you cut the coconut mats in to 4 strips, you have great scrubbers for washing dishes! They don't last long, but are a great way to upcycle them for a bit before tossing them!”

They also make great mulch for your garden or potted plants:

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What our Hamama Friends are doing!

Karen uses the wax paper packaging as a great base for storing her veggies!

β€œ I started saving the HAMAMA seed quilt packages to somehow reuse. I love using them under fresh fruits and vegetables being stored on the counter. I like to use wood trays or bowls, but you know how something will go bad and gets all icky before you notice? That's not good for the wood so this makes the perfect liner, and I get to enjoy the fun message from the packaging!”

Our friend Jessica uses her coco mats as soap coasters:

Our team member Maura came up with a crafty way of using your mats for the Holiday season! Just stick your used coconut mats in the dishwasher after pulling out any remaining roots and make really cute ornaments out of them, in the shape of gingerbread men, trees or stars!

Jackie Sand Raphaely

β€œHaving once watched birds gather nesting material from a bedraggled coconut planter mat.... I decided to make this, using a hamama mat, cleaned and shredded. The coconut mat should be great new nesting material. All natural materials are good whereas manufactured materials can entangle baby birds.”

Going along with the repurposing theme in this post - did you know you can also regrow the root ends of green onions to get new ones? Now Hamama makes it easy as pie to use store bought greens and save by re-growing them several times! Check out why we love Green Onions here!Β 

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How do you repurpose your Seed Quilts? Share with us below! :D

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