Hamama Hacks: #5 How to Store Unused Seed Quilts

Hamama Hacks: #5 How to Store Unused Seed Quilts

Hi Hamama Friends!

When buying your Seed Quilts, you may wonder what to do with the Seed Quilts that you aren’t using right away. You may think they won’t last long, but indeed they do! :D
Here are a few tips to help you store your Seed Quilts properly.


  1. Storing your Seed Quilts:

Our ungrown Seed Quilts last well over a year & the best way to store them is in a cool, dark place like your pantry! Mainly, just watch out for prolonged exposure to heat & humidity while storing, as that may slightly lessen the seed’s viability.

  1. Store your Seed Quilts in our Bamboo Organizer:

Our beautiful Bamboo Organizer can store 9 Seed Quilts horizontally and 18 Seed Quilts vertically! It's also perfectly sized for the pantry, cabinet, or anywhere else you want to keep your quilts handy.

  1. Storing your Seed Quilts for longer than 6 months:

If you are planning on storing your Seed Quilts for more than 6 months, we recommend you consider storing them in your refrigerator! The Bamboo Organizer can go in the fridge, but the most common system is to keep a big supply in the fridge and move ones that you will use in the next couple months out to an accessible spot like your counter, kitchen cabinet, or pantry.

“This is how I personally store my Seed Quilts, in my Hamama Tote Bag inside my refrigerator!” - Carolyn Severin, Hamama Happiness Team Member.

  1. Store your Seed Quilts with your Bamboo Organizer on our NEW Grow Shelf!!

You can grow and store on our new shelves! Our shelves are easy to assemble and you can grow up to 6 Hamama Kits. Grow and store your greens in style!

  1. Stock up, save and store your greens!

Lastly, don’t forget to stock up on our bulk plans!

We have a great yearly plan where you get 36 seed quilts every 12 months!

With this plan, the more you order at once the more economical each Seed Quilt will be. You will have less deliveries, less packaging and have a nice variety of seed quilts to choose from!😊

Stock up on Seed Quilts!

Don’t forget to use these tips for storing your
Seed Quilts!

Happy growing! 🌱

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HI Karen!

The Hamama system is designed to just add water once and harvest in about a week. However, there may be exceptions according to your growing environment.

Pre-peel you should never have to add more water. After peeling, the only time you may need to add more water is if you notice that the water has dropped below the tray’s ribs on the bottom. This is not common, however, if you live in a drier climate or have the heat on in your house, then you can add just a bit of water.

Here’s how:

With clean hands lift up the coconut fiber mat to check the level. If the water is still over the top of the ribs, then you’re good to grow! 🙌

If it’s receded a bit, then you’ll just add enough to fill back up to the top of the ribs, making sure that you never pour water directly on top of the greens/seed quilt itself. Pour the water into the side/corner of the tray. If water is added directly on top of the Seed Quilt, this could drown the greens, cause the seeds to become water-logged and also encourage growth of mold.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions! 🌱

Allie Hamama

How often do I water my quilt?


Im on once a month and ordered 3 quilts. How can I alter the selection every month.

Claudio Lopez

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