Hamama Hacks: Mix-and-Match Harvests

Hamama Hacks: Mix-and-Match Harvests

Want to mix up your Hamama harvest? Whether you live alone and consume less, can’t agree on what flavor to plant, or just need a little fiesta in your Hamama tray, here’s a Hamama hack for you! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


To grow multiple varieties in one tray simultaneously (or to just grow a smaller amount), just carefully cut the Seed Quilt in quarters or halves between the seed cells. You want to be careful to avoid cutting directly into or close to the seed cells

Ready for some quick math? The 16 cells are best cut the short distance from top to bottom. Here are the fun combos for cutting to mix-and-match:

  • ¼ + ½ + ¼ 
  • ½ + ½ 
  • ¼ + ¾ 

Onto the best part: choosing your winning combinations! Some of our favorite pairings are:

  • Super Salad Mix + Refreshing Cabbage = Purple Salad
  • Hot Wasabi Mustard + Hearty Broccoli = Kickin’ Broccoli 
  • Zesty Mix and Hot Wasabi Mustard = Ultra Zesty
  • Broccoli + Kale + Cabbage = Ultimate Smoothie Blend
  • Radish + Clover = Zippy Soup, Salad & Sandwich Blend



You’ll want to plant your Seed Quilt pieces at the same time! Why? Great question! The water levels vary throughout the growth cycle as your little greens drink up the water. Also, if you just can’t consume a whole Seed Quilt during each growing cycle, you can always just plant half of one at a time!




As your Seed Quilts grow, you’ll be able to munch on two, three, or four different flavors all from the same tray! No need to fight over which flavor is up next!



Once you’ve cut your Seed Quilt, just tuck the other section(s) (and label!) back into the packaging and save for your next batch! Remember, our ungrown Seed Quilts last well over a year, and the best way to store them is in a cool, dark place like your pantry! 🙂 Cool temps & dry air are best (ideal temperature of 50º F at 50 percent humidity)! Mainly, just watch out for heat/humidity/sunlight exposure while storing as that can lessen the seed’s viability.


Not up for a cutting challenge yet? We also have a Super Salad Mix and a Zesty Mix that include a variety of different seeds in one Seed Quilt! The Super Salad Mix is broccoli, kale, arugula, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and cabbage. The Zesty Mix is the same but with mustard instead of cauliflower!

Check how some growers in our Hamama Community are mixin’ things up already!

Thanks for sharing your set-up with us Amber!! 
Great Combo, Jan! 
Nice work, Sheila! 
Lookin' great, Lori! 

What are your favorite growing combinations? Drop them in the comments, I’d love to try them out!

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Hi Rhonda!

Wheatgrass makes a great cat grass! We have a blog post about microgreens for dogs & cats that you an check out here: https://www.hamama.com/blogs/hamama-blog/hamama-pets

From our understanding microgreens are safe for cats but please do talk with your vet as well.

Allie Hamama

Does anyone know which sprouts are safe for a cat to eat?

Rhonda Cronkhite

Hi Susan! The best harvesting practice is to cut (or pull up) all of the mature microgreens & then store what you don’t eat right away in the fridge in a baggie (like the Stasher bag). They’ll last up to 10 days like that!

If you prefer to munch on them while they are in the tray, the mature greens can remain there for a few extra days, but please periodically check that they have a bit of water in the tray to drink! Otherwise, they will prematurely wilt over. The greens may develop a slightly more bitter taste & fibrous texture if you don’t harvest them within 2 weeks.
Hope this helps! :)

Allie Hamama

I have a question. . . Once the harvest is ready to eat, on the 7th day, how many more days does it stay fresh and edible? Thank you. I love this concept.

Susan Walsh

Hi Monica!! Thanks so much for your kind feedback – we love hearing this! :D We are so happy you are enjoying your Hamama greens! -Allie :)

Allie Hamama

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