Hamama’s Sustainable Seed Quilt Packaging Upgrade

Hamama’s Sustainable Seed Quilt Packaging Upgrade

Hi Hamama Friends!

We want to share an exciting update for you….You will start seeing our updated Seed Quilt packaging in upcoming orders! We are gradually rolling out this change as we switch over the production process to incorporate this sustainable improvement. Here’s how it’ll appear in comparison to before:

Old Version                                                                                       Updated Version

That’s right - we are incorporating the Seed Quilt card label onto the packaging itself!

This not only saves packaging materials 🌎, but, from a grower’s perspective, it also makes it much easier to sort through your Seed Quilts. We’ve been made aware that with our older design, it was quite difficult to read the Seed Quilt label card through the paper packaging.

A con is that with this change, we will soon no longer offer the colorful Seed Quilt label card, which is very pretty to display in your Seed Quilt Card Holder.

The good news is that you can still cut out our new label and place it in your Seed Quilt Card Holder. Plus, we added in a “Planted Date” and a “Peeled Date” so that you can more easily track your growing schedule right on your Seed Quilt card!!

We understand that cutting out your Seed Quilt label is an extra step, and the resulting label is less pretty and colorful than our last version…We’re here to make things right for you if you are disappointed about this! If you have already purchased a Seed Quilt Label Holder and no longer wish to use it with our new labels, please let our team know at hamama.com/help so we can assist you.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting us in making this sustainable change in Hamama Seed Quilt packaging.

Cheers to health and happiness,

Your Hamama Team

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