Happy Hamama-versary to Allie!

Happy Hamama-versary to Allie!


Happy 1 Year Hamama-versary to Allie! 💜🌱


Help wish our beloved Allie a Happy 1 year Hamama-versary! :D

Allie is our Team Lead here on our Hamama Customer Happiness Team and helps take care of our customer service employees as well as our customers. She keeps everyone on track and makes sure you all are taken care of. She contributes to our blogs, recipes and other Hamama tasks. She loves working for a team that encourages creativity and is always open to new ideas and input. Everyone’s voice matters! Working with a small team (even though remote) has been pretty special for her too and feels like family! Thank you Allie for all you do!



Allie is from Milwaukee, WI and currently resides there too! 🌎


Her favorite microgreens are Daikon Radish though she loves them all! She loves Mexican and Thai food and thinks Radish is the perfect spicy garnish! 🌱

She visited and fell in love with Nicaragua on a vacation with her sister, then dropped everything to move there just a couple of months later! She had her own Bed & Breakfast there for about 4 years! 🌄✈️



She loves most music, but is really into the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music! 🎼💃

She loves being outside in nature as much as possible! (which can be tough in the winter months of Wisconsin) Snow and water skiing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, surfing, gardening, beaching it, you name it!! 🏖🎏❄️🎋



She loves collecting rocks and seashells! 🐚

She has 3 older siblings (2 brothers and a sister) and 6 nieces/nephews! She loves being an Auntie, it is definitely her sweet spot!! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦



Allie also loves Baseball and Football- Go Brewers & Packers!! ⚾️🏈 





We are so lucky to have you on our Hamama Team Allie!
Thanks for all you do! 💜🌱🌿





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