Happy Hamama-versary to Carolyn!

Happy Hamama-versary to Carolyn!

Join us in wishing our beloved Carolyn a happy 1 year


Carolyn is Hamama’s first Happiness Team employee! If you have had the pleasure of E-conversing with Carolyn, you already know how kind, caring, free-spirited & straight up awesome she is! :D 


Get to Know Carolyn a Bit:

She goes by “Curl” 


She bounces back and forth between NC & VA 


Her favorite Hamama Microgreen is Clover 🌱


She loves communicating with Bitmoji      



She makes her own medicinal herbal tinctures 🌿

She is a Scorpio  

She built her own tiny home from the ground up 🏡 (then sold it because she is a nomad ✈)!  

She loves gardening & animals of all kinds- She even has family chickens 🐔


We are all so lucky to have her on the Hamama Team!

Happy Hamama-versary Curl!

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