Happy Happiness Happens Week!

Happy Happiness Happens Week!

As Happiness Happens Day is coming up on August 8th, our customer happiness team has gathered together to share the reasons how our Hamama greens make happiness happen in our lives!


My Hamama makes me happy because I check in on how my greens are doing every day!  That little routine of checking in with beautiful little plants is so wonderful and grounding.  Then the eating part. Don't forget the eating part!!!  Homegrown greens - can't beat that.  Also, knowing that there are Hamama Friends around the country doing the same thing makes me feel connected and motivates me to keep going!!!


My Hamama makes me happy because of the feeling I get from growing my own greens (without putting forth much effort at all)! It is a feeling of well-being & achievement (since I normally can't keep plants alive). Then when I harvest & create meals with my Hamama greens, I get even happier! They make the food I share with others healthier, prettier, and tastier! 


My Hamama makes me happy because of the fun interactions that can take place around the dinner table. At my house, everyone loves to have a tiny harvest for decorating their plates with these yummy microgreens.


My Hamama makes me happy because I have never been successful at growing or maintaining plants - except for my lovely Hamama greens!! It makes me believe that I do have the slightest green thumb and for that I am so so grateful.  


My Hamama makes me happy because it's amazing to watch life form right in front of you! Not only do you get to watch these beautiful plants grow, but you get to enjoy them when they are ready to harvest.  Health, Happiness and Hamama!! Can't beat that! 


"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance" Eckhart Tolle - Hamama is one of the good things in my life...for that I am grateful!


Microgreens: A Haiku

Happiness Happens

as broccoli microgreens

sprout up with green joy!


Now it’s your turn to share how Hamama Happiness Happens in your life! Drop your thoughts in our comments section below!

We hope you have a wonderful day and are happily growing your greens daily!

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