Happy National Entrepreneurs Day! (Plus, a little holiday gift guide)

Happy National Entrepreneurs Day! (Plus, a little holiday gift guide)

Hi Hamama Friends - Happy National Entrepreneurs Day! Or shall we say National Entrepreneurship Month!

We believe entrepreneurship is so important because it inspires creativity and innovation and drives people to share their inventive goods and services with others. This is why we wanted to share some of our favorite items from several amazing entrepreneurs as you begin planning your holiday gifts this year! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to support small to mid-sized businesses!

Everyone can be an entrepreneur; remember those days when you had a lemonade stand or bake sale as a kid? Hamama began as an entrepreneurial adventure with Camille and Daniel. They met as students at MIT and started designing and building things together.

After graduating they worked full time at the MIT Media Lab, researching high tech indoor agriculture. After several years of growing food in the lab and at home and experiencing the benefits, they got to thinking, “What if people had a system to grow healthy food for them at home?"

Everyone wants the benefits of a vegetable garden, right? Fresh, delicious, healthy food right at your fingertips? Yes please!

The thing is...not everyone has the space, time, weather, or know-how to have one.

Camille and Daniel wanted to help create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food as a part of a healthy lifestyle. This vision was brought to life with Hamama! Their invention, the HAMAMA Grow Kit and Seed Quilts, makes it easy for everyone to grow fresh greens right in their home!

The innovation doesn’t stop there! We are always cookin’ up new ideas here at Hamama. Pretty cool, right?

It’s so important that we celebrate each other’s inventions, ideas, products, and services to show our support! Check out these seven goodies that have cool startup stories and awesome products!

1. Copper Cow Coffee

All-natural Vietnamese coffee with California sweetened condensed milk creamers. No equipment required to brew. Check out this Best Selling Bundle!

"Copper Cow Coffee’s Best-Sellers Bundle features the most popular varieties of Copper Cow, so start here if you want to get to know us a little better. Convenient, delicious, and great value — what’s not to love?"

Be sure to meet Debbie Wei Mullin, the CEO and Founder (yes, she’s an entrepreneur!)

Debbie was born in California, years after her mom arrived from Vietnam in 1975. She studied sustainability in college and had a stint at the World Bank before going all in on pursuing her love of Vietnamese coffee. Fun fact: Debbie’s got quite the athletic streak. Not only was she captain of her high school wrestling team, but you can also count on her to bust out the worm on any dance floor. 

2. Compliments n Coffee

Read + Believe. Start your day with more love and less doubt. Because a truthful reminder is powerful. And so are you. These coffee mugs are perfect for starting the day with your favorite beverage - or for your loved ones! Consider a Compliments n Coffee mug as a holiday gift.

Struggle with anxiety? Overthinking will destroy your happiness and kill your mood! Grab this mug as a simple reminder to take a deep breath, and relax. Take control of your life by inhaling courage and exhaling fear. Don't worry, you got this!

Product Description:

  • 12 oz. porcelain bistro style mug. This 4" tall mug has an ear shaped handle.
  •  Lead free, scratch resistant, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

What launched this idea? Ashleigh Brown, CEO and Founder decided she was going to stop dreading the work week and serve women with kind words!

3. Silk + Sonder

SILK + SONDER is the first ever monthly planning experience aimed to empower you to live the life you've always wanted. Inspired by a new theme every month, Silk + Sonder hand-curates, designs, and delivers each issue straight to your doorstep.

Each month's issue includes a blend of productivity and planning, introspection and mindfulness, and lifestyle content. Over time, Silk + Sonder are committed to understanding your unique preferences and motivations to provide you with the most authentic experience as well as the opportunity to start afresh, every month.

Perfect for those friends who still keep a paper planner!

4. Vinebox

We all have those friends who love their wine. Vinebox was created as a delivery wine subscription, how tasty! They have a variety of different boxes based on preferences or depending on how adventurous you’re feeling!

The Quarterly Wine Club - $79

You can get started today and taste the best wines of the season, every season. Discover 9 wines, by the glass, every 3 months to keep your palate fresh and satisfied. This season's box is all about "The Classics" - timeless wines from the areas that made wine famous. See more information on your first box below.

5. ALSO Organics

Time to stress less, reduce inflammation, even sleep better! Life is a playground of opportunity waiting to be explored, and Also Organics™ is the key to not only go through life but to live it. How does Also Organics do that? By providing your body with ingredients found in nature that work in tandem with your nervous system to help elevate your body's potential.

Also Organics products are specially formulated with the finest, full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD (and CBG)—all made from 100% organic, American-grown hemp.

Also Organics offers a wide range of wellness products that are a safe, natural and effective solution to treat many maladies from stress and anxiety to treating injuries and improving sleep cycles. This makes it perfect for pet parents, those with sleep troubles, and so much more!

6. Glyph

Glyphs were created to fit perfectly into our days and nights - no matter what we wear, what we do, or who we do it with. Glyphs are designed so that you focus on the important parts of life and when you wear them you are just a little bit more present in each moment.

Founded by Pranav Sachdev! As a lifelong minimalist, he is passionate about advancing society’s relationship with material possessions, starting with the perfect pair of shoes for everything!

7. EBY

EBY / Empowered By You

It’s in the name. From the women who wear EBY underwear, to the women who benefit from the mission, EBY is an access to power. EBY is a membership company because it takes committed women on a mission to have real impact.

"Our commitment to you: the longer you are with us, the more powerful you become. Through our Access to Power program, when you step into EBY, we give you the tools to step into your own power."

Co-Founders, Sophia Vegara & Renata Black

Founded EBY to give women access to power - from the underwear you choose to the women it impacts. 10% of EBY’s new sales empower women through microfinance: small loans to start their own business.

8. Pitmoss! 

PittMoss® started as a humble kitchen experiment in 1994, and quickly evolved into founder Mont Handley’s passionate, lifelong project. Soon after graduating from the kitchen to the garage, PittMoss® secured an EPA SBIR grant. This funded critical growth trials, providing the scientific evidence and the foundation for PittMoss® patents.

In 2015, PittMoss® was introduced to the investors on Shark Tank, ABC’s favorite reality show for would-be entrepreneurs. Mont Handley, with his unbridled passion for the idea he had nurtured for more than 20 years, convinced three of the “sharks” to invest in his company. Stay tuned to see how the PittMoss® story continues to unfold.

Today, PittMoss® is available to commercial greenhouses and nurseries from Michigan to Maine to North Carolina, with plans to grow! Add a bag of PittMoss® to a beautiful flower pot with some seeds or a couple plants from the local nursery, it could be the perfect gift for the plant lovers in your life!

We hope this list of goodies shines light on a fun holiday gift for a loved one, or for yourself! Supporting small and mid-sized businesses gives so many opportunities to its founders and teams, which is why we love to share information about them!

Have a fun small business? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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