Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Look no further for the perfect holiday gifts for the healthy eaters, coffee lovers, and crazy plant ladies in your life.

This is definitely Camille's personal list for Santa...all of these are things I already use or are on my gift list this year! I know you've been thinking about what to get me (lol!), but don't worry because as founder of HAMAMA my greatest gift is you HAMAMA growers across the country who bring me such joy with your check-ins and feedback every day :) You're the best! Have a wonderful holiday season.

If you have additional ideas for your fellow HAMAMA growers, please include them in the comments. It would be wonderful to hear what you're thinking of gifting your family and friends.

1) Copper Cow Coffee

These clever on-the-go pour over kits make a mean cup of Vietnamese coffee and a really cool gift for coffee lovers. I know the founder Debbie, and what she has done in building this sustainably sourced and community driven coffee movement is awesome.

2) 22 Days Nutrition

This plant-based meal planner makes your grocery shopping easy and your cooking fun, quick, and healthy. I use this! My favorites are the overnight oats recipes and delicious noodle soups.

3) Stasherbag

Stasherbags are a great plastic-free way to store homegrown microgreens in the fridge. One harvest of HAMAMA greens fits perfectly in their "sandwich size" bag. Plus, you can use Stasherbags for snacks, sous-vide, and microwaving.  

4) The Sill

Ship a beautiful houseplant that will brighten your friend's home and mood every day. I've sent 3 gifts from The Sill already - it's so easy and it's really a delightful thing to receive a plant as a gift :)

5) Microtea

I know Stephen who just launched this clever way to add even more microgreens to your diet. He adds dried broccoli and kale microgreens to his 3 tea blends: turmeric tonic, morning boost, and cozy chamomile. I tried the cozy chamomile first. It really is cozy, plus the packaging makes it a beautiful gift.

6) MoveWith

This app puts a fitness instructor right at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. Choose from classes in yoga, meditation, high intensity interval training, and more. I love yoga with Kilty. You're welcome.

7) Prepd

When I'm ready to get even fancier with my lunch (New Year's Resolution?), I'll go with Prepd. Look how beautiful the bamboo case and glass containers are! This might actually get me excited about making my lunches the night before rather than scrambling every morning.

8) Compliments 'N Coffee

Ashleigh launched this mug company because she believes that everyone deserves a compliment. Taking some much needed time for yourself and boosting your energy and confidence over a cup of coffee is a must, especially when your mug gives you compliments!

Ashleigh is taking pre-orders for these uplifting mugs soon. I can't wait for mine!

9) Magic Qween

These clean burning coconut wax candles are so nice! I spoke with the founder Julz before and got one of their "Rebirth" candles. It smells so good I want to eat it. (The cool thing is I probably could eat it because all the non-toxic ingredients are carefully sourced.)


Check your list twice because there must be someone you haven't already gifted HAMAMA to, right?! Keep spreading the HAMAMA love and get all your friends and family into the healthy habit of growing their own superfood greens.

Camille Richman

Camille is the Co-Founder of HAMAMA. She loves sharing recipes and growing tips and tricks with the HAMAMA community!

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