How to Clean Your Grow Tray

How to Clean Your Grow Tray


Wondering the best way to clean your grow tray?!  We’re here to help.

It’s simple!

Just wash your grow tray by hand in the sink with hot water and dish soap or wash on the top rack of your dishwasher!

Here are a few more details to get you started!! :D

Keep in mind these tips apply both to our black plastic grow trays AND our newer white ceramic grow trays!



Wash by Hand


When washing by hand, use the dish soap that best fits you and your household cleaning needs.

You can use a sponge, a brush, or the lovely Hamama Bamboo Brush that’s in our Harvesting Kit!!! >>>

Our bamboo brush is perfect for scrubbing between the ridges at the bottom of your grow tray.

Lather up your brush/sponge with your dish soap and go to town!!!
Scrub a dub dub it clean with hot water and set on a dish rack or towel to dry.




Place Grow Tray in Top Rack of Dishwasher


Our grow trays are top rack dishwasher safe!!

 Just make room for your grow tray and lay the grid side down to ensure a nice clean!



Thanks for reading our tips on cleaning your Hamama grow tray!  It’s a great practice to clean your grow tray between each grow.  Can’t say I do a whole deep clean between EVERY grow hehe but once in a while is definitely important, especially if you are seeing residual root hairs or Seed Quilt materials left over in your tray!!  Each Seed Quilt should have a clean start to ensure a successful happy grow. Just like other kitchen and food items, your Hamama grow trays need to be cleaned as well. 

Whatever way you choose to wash, take these tips and get cleaning!


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