How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home The Foolproof Way

How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home The Foolproof Way

Fully grown homegrown wheatgrass in a grow tray.

Growing wheatgrass at home is easier than you think:

Let's go through the steps of how to grow wheatgrass at home. There are several methods to choose from. The most common method is to take a garden tray, fill it with soil, densely sprinkle wheat seeds on top, and water every day. There are certain humidity conditions that make wheatgrass grow faster, so some people will cover their wheatgrass when it's young to trap in humidity.

Call it laziness, but this is not easy enough for me to incorporate into my busy routine. For one, the less mess the better. I hate a setup where I have cleanup to do afterwards. I'm a proponent of growing wheatgrass without soil considering it's less messy (a big factor when deciding whether to grow something inside your home). Who wants to be spilling dirt all over the kitchen counter?! Plus, when I grow without soil, I can skip the tedious step of cleaning dirt off the final product. On top of that, making sure the soil is wet enough every day and remembering when to put on and take off a humidity cover gets away from me.

Woman peeling the cover of a Seed Quilt revealing wheatgrass growing in a HAMAMA grow kit.

Peeling the Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt cover after 4 days of growing exposes the young wheatgrass to the less humid outside air.

Fully grown homegrown wheatgrass in a grow tray.

Fully grown wheatgrass, ready for harvest at 10 days old.

The HAMAMA Grow Kit is definitely the easiest way to grow wheatgrass at home. There's no mess involved, you don't have to remember to water it, and setup literally takes thirty seconds: pour 3 cups of water into the grow tray and place a Seed Quilt inside. The Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilts take care of the humidity trapping step since the Seed Quilt cover acts as a humidity-trapping cover in itself! Do no work and get a wheatgrass harvest in 10 days?! Yes please...all these factors make the HAMAMA Grow Kit the easiest possible answer to the question of how to grow organic wheatgrass seeds without soil and how to grow wheatgrass indoors in general.

A harvested grow tray of homegrown wheatgrass next to a juicer ready to juice the wheatgrass into wheatgrass shots.

A harvested HAMAMA grow kit next to a juicer, juicing the wheatgrass harvest. Chances are you're growing wheatgrass because you're a fan of wheatgrass shots in the morning! One Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt grows enough for about one shot!

Black cat eating homegrown wheatgrass from a grow tray.

Cosmo the cat enjoys his freshly grown wheatgrass. You might be growing wheatgrass to give to your cat as a healthy catgrass! Munching on wheatgrass helps with cats' digestive issues and helps with fur balls.

Wheatgrass growing conditions:

You might be wondering if you have the right wheatgrass growing conditions in your home. What's great about wheatgrass is that it doesn't need much light to grow, which means there's not much that can go wrong. Temperature-wise, if your home is comfortable for you, it'll be just fine for your wheatgrass. To check how your wheatgrass is really doing, periodically peek under the Seed Quilt and check on the roots!

Dense, white roots of a fully grown wheatgrass Seed Quilt.

Healthy roots, healthy wheatgrass! At the 10-day mark, this is what your wheatgrass roots should look like.

Once you can grow wheatgrass, you can grow anything!

The beauty of the HAMAMA Grow Kit method of growing wheatgrass is that the same method works for growing so many other things as well! Be sure to check out the selection of other Seed Quilts, including Super Salad Mix, Refreshing Cabbage, Hearty Broccoli, and Spicy Daikon Radish. The HAMAMA Grow Kit makes growing these types of microgreens just as easy as growing wheatgrass at home. If you're curious about microgreens, microgreens health benefits, and growing microgreens in containers, check out "What Are Microgreens And Why Are They So Good For You?"

Grow Kit for growing microgreens at home year round.  Includes grow tray, instructions, and three Seed Quilts.

The same HAMAMA Grow Kit that makes it so easy to grow wheatgrass indoors can be used to grow superfood microgreens at home too!

A table of fully grown microgreens growing kits showing the different kinds of microgreens including daikon radish microgreens, broccoli microgreens, and kale microgreens.

You can grow so many things in the HAMAMA Grow Kit - even all at once! Here we see the Sweet Wheatgrass, Super Salad Mix, Spicy Daikon Radish, and Refreshing Cabbage - all grown with the same easy HAMAMA method!

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