How To Make Wheatgrass Powder

How To Make Wheatgrass Powder

Looking for a more convenient way to eat your wheatgrass than by juicing? Not everyone has a juicer. And for those who do have a juicer, it's often hard to find the time to go through the juicing and cleaning process on a busy morning. Look no further because wheatgrass powder is a much more convenient alternative than wheatgrass juice, and it's so easy to make. Read the full wheatgrass powder how-to below.

What You'll Need:
- HAMAMA Grow Kit
- Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt
- Scissors or bread knife
- Baking sheet
- Coffee grinder

Step One: Harvest

You've been growing your Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt in your HAMAMA Grow Kit for 10 days, and's time to harvest! Use scissors or a bread knife to harvest your wheatgrass about 1/2" above the Seed Quilt.

Fully grown homegrown wheatgrass in a grow tray.

Your Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt will look something like this at the 10-day mark, when it's ready to harvest!

Step Two: Bake In The Oven

Next you'll place your harvest on a baking sheet. The baking sheet and wheatgrass will go into the oven to bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. After two hours, the wheatgrass leaves will be dry and brittle.

Homegrown wheatgrass in a baking sheet ready to be dried in the oven.

Harvested wheatgrass spread out on a clean baking sheet, ready for drying in the oven.

Step Three: The Grind

Place the dried wheatgrass into a coffee grinder, pulse, and Voila! You have wheatgrass powder ready to go. Store it in your pantry in an airtight jar or Ziploc bag. Each Sweet Wheatgrass Seed Quilt will yield approximately 4 tablespoons of wheatgrass powder. Use half a tablespoon of your wheatgrass powder in your smoothies or mix into water to reconstitute as wheatgrass juice! Try sneaking your wheatgrass powder into other concoctions like soup, salad dressing, yogurt, and more. Enjoy!

Wheatgrass powder in a spoon about to be mixed into a smoothie of kale, fresh ginger, and coconut powder.
Wheatgrass powder mixed into overnight oats with blackberries.  The wheatgrass Seed Quilt is in the background.

Add wheatgrass powder to your breakfast smoothies, among many other things! This smoothie of kale, fresh ginger, coconut powder, and homemade wheatgrass powder makes for an incredible start to your day!

Camille Richman

Camille is the Co-Founder of HAMAMA. She loves sharing recipes and growing tips and tricks with the HAMAMA community!

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I was apprehensive until reading this tip on making wheat grass powder. Planting tomorrow. Thank you so much!!

Cheryl Ramos

How long can be save wheatgrass powder after making it ? would drying it change the nutritional value?


Why could wheatgrass not just be dried un a dehydrator, than rehydrate it when yo use it? I have just dehydrated dr one, I plan,to try this tomorrow. I would think it would definitely keep longer, and I make mine with,fresh in a high ssd’s speed blender with a little water anyway, than strain, and I get some very good tasting wheatgrass juice. I really do not see why you Gould not do this, I mean even if tmyku grjbd it, you have to,mix it with liquid. I am,thinking when grinding it, their is a lot of heat in those c mill grinders., and you are possibly losing some nutrients. I am open to comments.
Thank you!

Arnie Juelfs

So you would have to buy alot of seed quilts to get a good amount of powdered wheatgrass and how long does the powder stay good for?


Hey Karina!! I suspect that it would change some factors! Most of what I’ve read indicates that drying actually increases the nutritional density because there is less water! :)


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