International Women's Day

International Women's Day

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day today. On this day we’re spotlighting our own CEO and Co-founder, Camille Richman. Camille is inspirational in so many ways.. She had a vision of bringing the ability to grow and eat fresh food from home for everyone. She invented patented Seed Quilts and the Hamama Microgreen Starter Kit that has changed the way people grow food forever. Check out the interview and get to know Camille’s vision.

1. What motivated you to create Hamama?

I have always been drawn to nature, what makes people healthy and happy, environmentalism, and making/building. So the urban agriculture movement really drew me in. I was working on higher tech urban farm prototypes in school, getting to feel the rush of harvesting and eating my own fresh produce that we’d grown indoors hydroponically year round (leafy greens, herbs, even strawberries!). These were big complex farm contraptions - not something just anyone could have access to. I felt that bringing indoor agriculture technology right into people’s homes and everyday routines would be a beautiful thing - for health, sustainability, and simply helping anyone exercise their green thumb no matter their living situation or skill level.  


2. What is your soul driven purpose and mission with Hamama?

To sweeten the lives of anyone our product, team, or message reaches. Whether Hamama brings you or your family a smile or inspires you to create a whole Hamama greenhouse to supply your whole neighborhood with superfoods - we did our job. :)


3. How do you feel Hamama can change people’s lives with microgreens?

For folks who want to start eating more vegetables or who are looking for a consistent source of fresh, tasty veggie servings no matter the season, growing it yourself is a great solution. By making growing microgreens super super easy (thank you, Seed Quilts!) we can eliminate the researching, preparation, and nurturing time that it would otherwise take to reap these benefits.


4. What inspired you to create microgreens that were easy to use from home?

I was so impressed with the USDA studies showing microgreens were both tasty and palatable as well as super nutritiously dense. That combined with the fact that they grow SO quickly in just 7-10 days and require little light or added fertilizer, showed me that this could really be the perfect candidate crop for getting the world “farming” a truly nutritionally useful and usable crop at home year round.


5. How long before you started Hamama did you plan out the idea of a simple microgreen kit to grow from home?

Funnily enough, Dan and I started Hamama on the purpose and mission first - the product came later. Through many iterations, soul-searching, and feedback, we landed on microgreens as our main crop focus. Then the Seed Quilt technology came as we honed our skills growing all kinds of microgreens and figured out how to make the process seamless! This all took about 6 months of researching, tinkering, and most important of all - talking to future potential Hamama growers!


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