Join the Hamama Fun

Join the Hamama Fun

Here at Hamama, we're all about making growing microgreens at home simple and lots of fun! One of the ways to add a little extra fun to your growing process is by joining our Hamama community. We've been hard at work creating ways to be more interactive with our growers because there would be no Hamama without you! 😀

We're sharing all the ways that you can join in on the Hamama fun and interact with us and other fellow growers online!


Our instagram page is filled with beautiful pictures of recipes, lush Seed Quilts, our crew and so much more! We often post special giveaways and contests too!! We love what we post, but the highlight of Instagram is being tagged in your photos and videos. We love sharing your growing experiences in our stories. It is so much fun to see the love you have for your microgreens and how you use them. We want the fun to continue to roll on! So if you haven't already, go and follow us @hamama_greens and start tagging us in your growing process!


We couldn’t help it! We had to join in on the TikTok fun! We are creating some cute videos of the growing process along with some really helpful tips for using your Hamama products, and some behind the scenes fun at Hamama HQ. We want TikTok to be a place where we can have fun and be super creative with our growers. Be sure to follow us @hamama_greens and then you can start dueting with us and sharing your fun Hamama videos with us!


Flash wanted some full-grown veggies so he helped me plant my leftover Hamama seeds in the garden! 👩‍🌾🥦🐢


Okay little seeds, get to growin'... and make it SNAPPY! 😉☘️🌱




Nothing is more delightful than a healthy breakfast in bed! 🥰🌱


We’re so excited to announce our new HamamaTV channel on YouTube! We have already created some awesome videos to help you during the growing journey. Our co-founder, Camille even shares her favorite growing tips on an episode! We’ve heard great feedback about how these videos have really helped our growers and we hope that they can help you too! We’d love to hear what you’d like to see on Hamama TV, so feel free to leave your wish list in the comments below. Check out HamamaTV and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Win a gift when you subscribe to our all new HamamaTV! 🌱 📺 Subscribe to our new YouTube channel featuring Hamama Hacks, Ask Hamama with questions from our growers and special announcements of new products! Click here to sign up now and get your special gift! 🎉 Gifts include up to 1000 Hamama Rewards Points, discounts, free products & more! Tag a friend and spin to win with Hamama now! 🌱

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